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Emerge online the first photographs of the battery of the iPhone 6, at least in version 4.7-inch: the shots show a total capacity of 1,800 mAh.   We return to talk about the battery of the iPhone 6(cool phone cases), the new iPhone that Apple will be avail
cnkingge · Yesterday

What is Derrick Rose going to say? What is John women's cycling shorts Wall going to say? Do we expect honesty, or even honest self-analysis?After that enjoyable first half, this was the longest game of the year. Having to s cycling jerseys through and wat
womenaa · 4 days ago

The best deals for the top range Samsung and its mini version, news of the summer.   Better to buy the Samsung Galaxy S5 or the newcomer in a mini version? The release of Samsung Galaxy Mini S5 offers this type of question to all those who have decided to
cnkingge · 12 days ago

The 5c iPhone outsells Galaxy S5 in the United Kingdom. Europe is a market dominated by Samsung , but Apple begins to gain ground. U.S. users are more loyal to Apple .   Study shows iPhone 5c outsells Galaxy S5 in that market How many times have we read th
cnkingge · 15 days ago

James Rodríguez es la figura del Mundial, su desparpajo para crear acciones de peligro lo han llevado a lucir más que el propio Cristiano Ronaldo y lo pone a la par de 'bestias' del futbol cómo Lionel Messi y el propio Neymar.Con todos los ojos puestos en
alecita25 · 16 days ago

Si Odias Pasarte La Vida Limpiando, Será Mejor Que Aprendas Estos Prácticos Consejos :D Muchas personas aprovechan el tiempo libre que tienen en verano para hacer una limpieza profunda en casa…, y aunque sea un trabajo duro, nos hemos encargado de busc
Ni_Idea · 16 days ago

There will be two new versions of the device somewhere between smartphones and tablets: one with a quad-core processor, the other even with octa-core processors.   Samsung is preparing for the release of Galaxy Note 4(cheap cell phone cases): the latest ru
cnkingge · 19 days ago

Rumors about the Samsung Galaxy S6 and Note 4: The output price and the innovative features retained when   For when we can expect the release of the Samsung Galaxy S6(HTC One M7 Case)? What will be the price of the next smartphone South Korean company and
cnkingge · 21 days ago

The jailbreak works and is also compatible with all iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch upgraded to iOS 7.1.1. Our recommendation is that you install only if you upgrade to iOS 7.1 and Jailbreak lost. In case you still have iOS 7.0.4(best iphone 4 cases) and jailb
cnkingge · 22 days ago

After the presentation yesterday, the Google Android web is headed by the operating system versions that there were announced: Android L, Wear Android, Android Auto and Android TV. However, they are not the only news from the page, further down we find a p
cnkingge · 25 days ago
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