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The characteristics of a MoonSwatch

The Omega X Swatch or MoonSwatch project, this is the name of the collection, is a co-branding project between two brands belonging to the same group. For newbies, in fact, the Swatch Group owns the luxury brand replica watch uk Omega and Swatch represents its street brand par excellence, the accessible (once) exclusively plastic watch invented by Mr Hayek and an authentic fashion phenomenon in the eighties, such as will remember who lived that era (myself).

The Omega x Swatch project is a collaboration that has brought the philosophy and general characteristics of the Moonwatch to Bioceramic models of the Swiss consumer watchmaking brand. Recently introduced by Swatch, the Bioceramic case is a compound based on ceramic, for two thirds, and a third material deriving from castor oil. It is a proprietary Swatch compound, which is patented.

The characteristics of a MoonSwatch

Swatch has not officially released the specifications of the watch, except that it adopts the Bioceramic case. However, the MoonSwatch best replica watches sites to buy from is not a "prop" of the original and the main odds confirm this. The case measures 42mm and is 13.25mm thick compared to the original Moonwatch's 13.18mm. The distance from handle to handle measures 47.34 mm against the 47.2 mm of the steel version, while the space between the lugs measures 20 mm in both cases. It is proof that the designers have almost faithfully reproduced the Speedmaster's dimensions and the graphics of the dial, with some differences.

The arrangement of the counters betrays the different technical architecture, consisting of a quartz movement with a chronograph function. The arrangement is in fact of the 2-6-10 type instead of the classic 3-6-9 and is noticeable at first glance. Not only that, the information available is different from the original.

The glass is clearly made of plastic but replicates the logo hidden in the center; in this case it is possible to observe an "S" instead of the classic symbol "Ω".

MoonSwatch is made in Bioceramics

Introduced in 2021, Bioceramic or Bioceramic is a material patented by Swatch. According to the brand:

“Bioceramics are made up of 1/3 of plastic of biological origin and 2/3 of ceramic! Bioceramic offers much greater resistance and, at the same time, replica rolex a silky soft feel to the touch ”. Whereas ceramic is made from zirconium oxide,

biological plastics are made from castor oil. Bioceramic is a material that Swatch plans to extend to other collections in the future.

What movement does a MoonSwatch mount?

This is information, also in this case, not released by MoonSwatch mission to moon, but easily deducible from a quick search on the net. The caseback bears the clearly visible V8 wording which indicates that the caliber is of ETA production (there was no doubt about it) and of Swiss production.

V8 does not refer to quartz calibers but applies in general. According to the authoritative Caliber Corner, the quartz chrono caliber could be the G10.212 model whose battery lasts 38 months and replicates the same characteristics that the watch has: small seconds at six, chrono at 1/10 of a second at two o'clock. , 60-minute counter at ten o'clock. As with all quartz movements fitted to Swatch watches, it is a replacement caliber in case of breakage. The watch has a two-year warranty.

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