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a multiple of the showroom price

As these are rather hard to find, they cost a fortune on the secondary market (a multiple of the showroom price),

other brands sensed the opportunity and began to present their variations on the best replica watches sites to buy from uk theme in an avalanche. Sports watches in steel with an integrated bracelet

(excuse me repeating this term for lack of a synonym) have appeared so many that at one point you could lose count. We even distinguished several of our favorites in the TOP 5 ranking,

and since then, at least a few other offers have hit the market. The only actually noticeable gap in the segment was the lack of a budget option for each wrist. Tissot decided to fulfill it.


The original PRX made its debut in the brand's collection in 1978. The catchy abbreviation of the model name is taken from the words "Precise", "Robust" and the Roman number "X", meaning 100 m water resistance.

The model did not go down too much in history and probably not many of you Watch Replicas UK would remember it at all, if not for the re-release. In February this year, Tissot presented the PRX in the quartz edition. The steel watch was given a nice 40 mm case,

an integrated bracelet and a choice of three dials decorated with a delicate cut. Almost immediately, there were voices demanding a mechanical version. We didn't have to wait long for it,

because only a few months after its debut, the PRX appeared in the Powermatic 80 version. Is it the perfect watch for those who want an integrated design and an affordable price? We decided to take a closer look at this.

PRX in detail

Budget watches from brands positioned in the lower segment of the market usually have the advantage that they justify the low price with a visibly lower quality of workmanship. This is understandable by all means, because polishing the details,

decorating the dial and the mechanism plus extraordinary stylistic treatments simply cost money, and this translates into the price on the label that the customer pays ... or,

to paraphrase the classic, you pay and you pay. So when it comes to budget, it usually means simple, raw - and from this perspective, the PRX Powermatic 80 surprises more than positively.

Made entirely of steel, the watch in hand makes a very solid impression - pleasantly heavy and well, surprisingly well-made. Most of the surfaces of the casing and the bracelet have been brushed, but for example the edges have been polished,

as well as the ring of the glass caseback and the bezel with a flat sapphire crystal. What's more, an alternating finish can also be found on the links of the bracelet, the inner surfaces of which are also polished,

which visually gives a very pleasant effect. The bracelet tapers slightly downwards and closes with a nicely integrated butterfly clasp, without any additional micro-adjustments. Tissot also added a bracelet quick-release system, which is useful, but at the moment a bit redundant considering that there is no option of additional straps.

All the elements of the watch fit together well, and I actually only pay attention to the signed crown, which is a number or two too small in relation to the whole. The case is 40 mm in diameter and 10.8 mm thick, with a lug-to-lug of 44 mm.

Classic blue

Just like the quartz version of the PRX, this automatic has three dial variants: black, silver replica watches with gold accents, and blue. The latter is of course the most classic of the genre, after all, the blue dial goes hand in hand with most sports classics.

Unlike the quartz model, in the mechanical version, Tissot decorated the dial with a machine-embossed guilloche pattern made of small squares, a pattern used,

for example, by ... you know who. The color is metallic blue, which makes the dial appear deep navy blue or even black at certain angles of light. On its surface there are painted minute indexes, applied hourly indexes,

painted logo and the name of the model and a date window with a frame at 3. Apparently too simple but fitting luminous hands were matched to the composition -

another element with a very careful degree of finishing when you look at them closely. Another thing is that I can't really decide which dial variant suits me better - the guilloche pattern from the Powermatic 80 or the sunburst from a quartz watch.

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