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Omega Seamaster Diver 300M Chronograph America's Cup. Here is the official watch of the America's Cup final

The America's Cup final is fake rolex uk approaching and for us Italians it is a second opportunity, from which we finally hope to emerge victorious;

the first confrontation will finally give the verdict on who prepared better between Luna Rossa and Team New Zealand. The challenge is not restricted exclusively to the competition field,

Fake Rolex Roman'; font-size: 12.0000pt; mso-font-kerning: 0.0000pt;">the Gulf of Auckland. As in Formula One, the competition extends in various ways to the strategic partners of the two contenders.

The America's Cup thus becomes the world showcase for those brands that have bet on Challenger and Defender: some are technical partners, others make luxury consumer products, such as watch brands.

Panerai is the outsider, he bet and won the Prada Cup with Luna Rossa, but now it's up to Omega, official timekeeper and strategic partner of Emirates Team New Zealand,

to take advantage of the double role replica rolex of official timekeeper of the America's Cup and ally of ETNZ.

The first challenge was delayed due to a pandemic

The first challenge was delayed due to a pandemic, but the new Omega Seamaster Diver 300M Chronograph America's Cup came out in time to take advantage of additional visibility before going on the wrist of the New Zealand crew. If the two boats share a similar architecture, Roman'; font-size: 12.0000pt; mso-font-kerning: 0.0000pt;">the result of the rules that have defined the shape and function of the full-foiling hull,

the two Swiss Made contenders could not in substance be more different from each other. With the new Regatta, the 2018 Seamaster range takes a further step upwards;

Omega elevates this diver's chronograph to the rank of a luxury diver's watch for regattas,

interpreting it according to a formula it has already replicated in various editions of the competition. The new Seamaster Diver 300M Chronograph America's Cup is the most refined and finished Seamaster Diver 300M Chronograph ever in steel (even the most expensive). The execution of the case and bracelet is impeccable,

while the ceramic dial on which the wave pattern is obtained by laser engraving completes the image of a luxury sports watch at first glance.

The 44mm case is impressive

The 44mm case is impressive, the thickness is considerable and the helix lugs accentuate this feeling. Add an important weight, in the variant with the bracelet, and you will have the classic style diving chrono aimed at those looking for presence on the wrist,

strong colors, personality. The ceramic is also on the bezel, coupled with replica rolex white enamel indexes and numerals,

while the wave motif is interrupted by two registers with a new design compared to the standard Seamaster Chrono,

and decidedly more attractive. The new aesthetic proposal raises the perceived value of the collection,

it is designed to strike the observer with colors, polishes,

goodies such as the shape of the America's Cup trophy on the aluminum chrono hand. It is a less conformist package than the Seamaster Diver 300M from which it derives,

but definitely more satisfying, placing itself as a valid alternative to a Planet Ocean Chrono.

Perfection is by definition a goal to strive for

Perfection is by definition a goal to strive for, a consideration that opens up to list some sin: the bezel is exemplary for execution, less so for "touch and feel". Although improved,

the precision in the rotation phase is still a little too metallic and not at the level of the strongest high-end competitors, Swiss and Japanese luxury. Likewise, the helium ejection valve, which many customers even claim,

is an unnecessary accessory if you opt for a different case construction. Among the novelties, Omega introduces a small trigger lever in two positions, called Chrono Lock,

which serves to block the time measured as it inhibits the functionality of the chrono buttons.

Omega has added to the specifications of a professional diver those of the Yacht Timer, transforming it into a possible analogue backup instrument if,

absurdly, all the digital instruments at your disposal were to go haywire. The counter at three o'clock features a red aluminum ring with a countdown indicator. Increased in size and with new hull-shaped hands, it has imposed a new design of the adjacent glass indexes,

which are now crescent-shaped but pleasant and original.

Omega has meanwhile removed

Omega has meanwhile removed the Naiad Lock writing on the caseback, not the substance, at least it seems (even if we have no confirmation). In fact,

the 36th America's Cup and Auckland 2021 inscriptions (obtained by depositing blue lacquer on laser engraving) are symmetrically positioned,

even if not vertically aligned, on the visible case back ring, open on the Omega 9900 caliber,

Master Chronometer certified and equipped with all the functions expected on a top-of-the-range sports caliber, including, from a user perspective,

I mention the quick-release date, the column wheel and the very useful possibility of adjusting the hour sphere independently.

Speaking of pure functionality for those who buy one, Omega has equipped the bracelet for the first time with a quick release system with a button and blue rubber strap,

as a replacement. The simplicity with which the bracelet is released and reattached is disarming. Speaking of price,

the times in which the Seamaster Chrono did not exceed five thousand euros are now a memory,

as much as the specifications have grown, at the same time.

Add the price delta due to exclusive

Add the price delta due to exclusive features and the America's Cup name: the result is a chronograph that reaches 10,300 Euros. It is an important figure;

the watch clearly aims to capitalize on the sporting event of the first quarter of 2021 and Omega the role of official timekeeper. It is a rather refined aesthetic and technical proposal aimed at lovers of luxury Yacht-Timers,

willing to accept extra-large dimensions and an aura that will inevitably fade at the end of the competition,

leaving it to those who are professional skippers and love professional watches a watch formula that has made a comeback in recent years.

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