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"Apparently Phylarch the Evergreen didn't have to be worried about 'inhumane' wood processing techniques," writes today's anonymous submitter. "Why, humans can safely sit on top of a circular saw with no ill effects! Trees, on the other hand ..." I think I
qfsdfsd · 16 hours ago

So we're going to potentially be able to buy game time tokens and sell them in game for gold. This has been called buying gold, which is interesting to me, since it's not really much different than when we could buy the Guardian Cub and sell that in game f
qfsdfsd · 3 days ago

Glyphs have always been a very tough market to enter. There are so many different glyphs, made with so many different inks, milled from so many different herbs, that the profession basically requires addons if you want to turn a profit from it. This was es
qfsdfsd · 8 days ago

I like to do year end reviews of lore we've seen in the past year, but this year's review is going to be a little odd. A little different. This is largely because we didn't actually see a lot of lore introduced until November of this year, when Warlords of
qfsdfsd · 10 days ago

Unfortunately for this week's CMA, our options are limited in terms of what we can do next. The instant 90 gear isn't of a high enough item level to queue for any WoD dungeons, and there's no way I'm hopping into a battleground with a bunch of abilities I
qfsdfsd · 13 days ago

I'm finding myself spending a lot of time in my garrison at level 100 -- and the more I do, the more little things I notice. The garrisons are ridiculously detailed, with random items strewn around all the different shops and buildings you can create. When
qfsdfsd · 15 days ago

Hearthstone's first expansion, Goblins vs Gnomes, is now live. In celebration of the launch, all players who log into the game before December 19 will receive three Goblins vs Gnomes card packs free of charge. In addition, success in the arena will grant G
qfsdfsd · 16 days ago

Mientras asics tienda asics zapatillas  es objetivamente uno de los mejores alternativas, la verdadera tienda de asics y es que los sistemas Y asics tienda Secur integrados no son muy querido más. Sin embargo, si estas personas pueden ver claramente el gra
womenaa · 20 days ago

 Christmas merry. And you can share your favorites at the end! 1. Play music. Christmas music doesn’t have to cost you anything (use the radio! Pandora! CDs from the library!) and it really just makes everything feel more festive. 2. Bake something. Even i
anitaying · 20 days ago

No, Galakras doesn't count. First off, it was a proto-drake, and secondly, we all know how dragon bosses work - they're huge, they have tails that do tail swipes, and they usually have several incredibly annoying gimmicks that require us to do something we
qfsdfsd · 21 days ago
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