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Earthquake and Volcano Live Seismic Monitor- Yellowstone
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Live video stream of select seismograph stations covering much of the Ring of Fire and select volcanoes. This is in real time minus about 9 to 14 seconds (for broadband internet connections), as long as this is live and you move the bar all the way to the right. Or you can click on the word "LIVE" and it will do it for you. Make sure to check often that your red light is on if you want to stay as close as possible to real time (now). World map of stations here:

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Beware that you will see most events on here BEFORE any of the earthquake agencies like the USGS or EMSC report them on their earthquake maps and lists. This is real seismic data, from publicly available sources. WARNING: Be CAREFUL what you infer from events you see on here, and particularly if you plan on reporting what you see before an official agency does. I cannot stress this enough. This is not a toy, and is to be used with caution as a learning tool. For more information on reading spectrograms:

You will see all kinds of things on these seismometers, and much of it will not be earthquakes. There may be noise and all other sorts of things like vehicles, wind, planes, helicopters, and even animals that register events. But when earthquakes happen, especially bigger ones, you will see a lot of red in the events (bigger quake) and/or yellow (smaller quake). The bigger the quake, the more stations it will show up on at once.

The Alaska/Cascades Volcano Panel is currently set to only monitor those volcanoes labeled, because of recent activity at one or more of them. The recent eruptions at Bogoslof volcano are being seismically monitored through the Okmok and Makushin stations. Over time, layouts for this monitor and the other panels may change.

The Yellowstone Volcano Monitor Panel is divided into two sections, with the main volcano stations in the park at the top, and a perimeter station panel at the bottom. The YS Perimeter monitor makes it easy to differentiate quakes which originate at Yellowstone, and quakes which originate outside the park: Simply look to see which stations the seismic energy from quakes hits first.

Also, it is VERY IMPORTANT to let your congressional representative know how vital funding for scientific agencies such as the USGS is, as Congress appropriates budgets for the next fiscal year. Any budget cuts will have a very detrimental impact, and could affect us all. Please contact them and oppose budget cuts. Thank you.

To find out what kind of quake it was after an event registers, wait a couple of minutes (sometimes less, sometimes more), and then check one of these websites:

USGS (United States Geological Survey)

PNSN (Pacific Northwest Seismic Network)

EMSC (European-Mediterranean Seismological Centre)

Alaska Volcano Observatory:

Cascades Volcano Observatory:

Yellowstone Volcano Observatory monitoring page:

Data sources courtesy of

If you don't see an event you've seen register here on their lists after a while, it may not have been a quake, or it may have been too small. Also in some cases like at Yellowstone, it may be several days until smaller quakes below magnitude 2.5 appear on their maps and lists.

With this tool over time you can become quite good at recognizing earthquakes and other seismic events around the Ring of Fire as they happen.


Stromboli live cam:

Popocatepetl live cam:

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