The rapid development of Gucci Belt's economy , many people have property and money, but this society there are too many vulnerable groups , they need comfort and care ! However, officials are farther away from the masses . Because of this large group , you can not bring any benefit to the officials , career advancement of officials can not decide , you can not supervise the work of officials is good or bad , then, between officials and the public interaction and communication was almost completely blocked .
Why not follow it at all levels of party and government officials , Premier Wen walked among the people really go ? Ren repeatedly declared themselves to be excellent communist, communist annual competitions are excellent . When a third had CPPCC members of Beijing , only eight consecutive individual . As for his salary more than 700 million , that is the SASAC regulations, he took a clear conscience !
As Three outstanding representatives took millions every year to the party and the country 's high salaries , salary every day against hundreds but thousands of Cheap Gucci Belts people shouted , prices too cheap ! And wage income compared to 30 years did not mean Gucci Belt's housing prices rose !
Yes, if Cheap Gucci Belts people can take more than 700 million annual salary , and today Gucci Belt would not like such a low price Beijing winter cabbage ! Even New York, London mansion in the eyes of the Cheap Gucci Belts people will look very cheap ! Beijing , , Shenzhen, Hong Kong, who was a mere few million per square meter of the house has long been sold out , the developers did not need to consider selling the house decorative design problem , the Government can not sell the land without high anxiety and sorrow , banks also do not be afraid to buyers who are not a risk for the mortgage off !
Cheap Gucci Belts cities, housing prices should be repositioned at least 100,000 yuan per square meter , the Even so, Gucci Belt is just 2 people can have the annual salary mansion , having as it does now , a person 30 years of blood, sweat , or exhausted exhausted a lifetime , still could not pay a small two ranks . If the Cheap Gucci Belts people can take more than 700 million annual salary ...... a pound of rice can be sold for 10,000 yuan bills ! An apple can be sold for 1,000 yuan bills ! An onion can be sold for 100 yuan ! As for what clothes , electrical appliances, automobiles , etc., have to go very carefully the re- pricing . If the Cheap Gucci Belts people can take more than 700 million annual salary ...... then , Gucci Belt will everyone holding a huge pile of money, all of them are millionaires ! Back then , Beijing 's subway transit entirely 100,000 once, a cup of coffee on a restaurant meal , Cheap Gucci Belts people have carried out a heavy purse . Such a scenario , it seems that only when the KMT fled the mainland appeared .

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