And you want to use the standard strict with myself! Do you want they can Internet world justice! Since baidu is a enterprise, we can only take enterprise's standard to request it. I don't think to make bidding is how guilty thing, IT is well known, portal and search engine sites rely on traffic is difficult to maintain, in a great extent must rely on advertising, in addition, the bidding is the profit pattern search engine traffic, the more search results ranking the top customer payment, at this point, baidu, Google, yahoo, all-pervasive search and other search engines. Therefore, versace belt replica no matter what kind of bidding system, baidu has developed are its freedom. But baidu to deceive the public with false website, it is not things within the scope of the enterprise independent rights, has break through the legal bottom line. Around baidu produced by a series of problems, is rooted in the hand of the market failure, government to reach out a hand not, so as to make the baidu in regulatory vacuum. Self-discipline is unreliable, in the hope of baidu for today, I think it is necessary to its law of baidu from three aspects: first, the search cheap versace belt engine companies receive money for enterprise publicity is not can't, but must be used to this kind of behavior norms and management for advertisement law, such as falsification, he shall be investigated for the search engine's joint and several liability; Second, baidu has done has been suspected of abusing monopoly for unfair competition and damages consumer rights and interests, to cope with the antitrust investigation; Third, in the aspect of legislation, legislative institution or government authorities necessary in view of the search engine rankings of regulatory measures, so as to guard against possible malignant competition. Thomas friedman in his book the world is flat, the information search in flattening of the world's one of the top ten bulldozers, he said. in the history of mankind, has never been so many people, can find so much information on their own, so many people, things and objects. Web search technology's contribution to the human society there is no doubt that there are hundreds of millions of people every day to enjoy it brings convenience, but today we found that if the search engine has no corresponding laws and regulations to regulate, one day it will become the capital of accessories, and excess growth for a head of consuming Internet freedom monster. On September 14, 2011 summer davos BBS opening in dalian, cheap versace belts the political and business elites jointed jointed together, the debt crisis in Europe and America become the focus of attention. However, in the eyes of Verace Belt Internet users, the CCTV anchor rui poking fun at a word from the U.S. ambassador to Replica Versace Belt Gary Locke is the BBS, the biggest topics in first day, reporters rui big thunder clearly over their briefcases and bosses.

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