environmental protection expenditure 123.662 billion yuan , accounting for 2.8% , public safety expenditures 116.131 billion yuan , accounting for 2.7% earthquake restoration and reconstruction funds 108 billion yuan , accounting for 2.2 percent , defense spending 472.867 billion yuan , accounting for 10.8% , general public services expenditure 131.361 billion yuan , accounting for 2.98% , debt interest expense 137.185 billion yuan , accounting for 3.1 % reserve fund spending 40 billion yuan , mbt outlet accounting for 0.91% , other expenses 168.839 billion yuan , accounting for 3.9% tax refund ex penditure 493.419 billion yuan , accounting for 11.3% , transfer payments to local spending 885.45 billion yuan , accounting for 20.2%.
Incredibly , all expenses all add up to the total 4.3865 trillion yuan , however , differ from the 7.6 trillion more than 30,000 yuan, the remaining 3 trillion to what takes place the flowers to any place, people simply do not know , presumably on behalf of members and my heart is a mess ! Even the basic annual budgets are so sloppy, budget implementation is even more off the mark ! Even so, mbt shoes outlet online we also believe that the proportion of finance for livelihood inputs too low , education, employment and social security , compared to only 4.5% and 7.6 %, while the population of less than 8,000,000 Hong Kong , 2008-2009 fiscal year budget , education , social security , respectively, Government spending accounted for 23.8 % and 17.6% .
The son of former CPC Central Committee General Secretary Hu Yaobang Hu Deping , this year in the Southern Weekend published an article that three decades, Gucci Belt's GDP grew by 67 times, but the per capita income grew by only 12 times , the country's public spending is far from ideal , No matter how to say , this ratio can not be considered to be coordinated . Deping touched a 4 trillion investment is difficult to increase the consumption of this crucial issue , overseas scholars Zheng Yongnian , published an article The financial crisis and build a better Cheap Gucci Belts society, more directly the local expression of the central policy disappointment. Zheng Yongnian doubt put a lot of money into the so-called infrastructure investment , rather than to build the social security system , do not spend money on the people, and thus once again mbt shoes outlet missed the opportunity to reform Cheap Gucci Belts society . Zheng Yongnian said: Gucci Belt 's social reforms need money , the central government has a lot of money, but does not spend it or do not want to spend out this is a very sad thing . The more corrupt , die sooner . Recently, the Ministry of Health 's chief health education specialist Jau invited to Guangzhou health talks , often allusive , talk about the topic of the short life of corrupt officials .

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