simple and boring life , so I always showed discontent , especially her husband suspected lack of passion for life . husband and married eight years ago, he was basically in the same unit of work , the job is no promotion . myself marry him feel a little loss, figure him? Thus , it is even more of his lack of patience , I will because a minor and his yelling , he 'd better not ignore I just pack up went to the office , and often do not come back a few days . passage of time , which became the iron law of our lives , not much good relations , louboutin replica shoes but also worse than where to go . did not think that someone came to the door for him , I really did not think he was actually there this hand , this is not that I did not even seen a woman phoned me , talk to , and I am amazed at first , until she explained what he wanted , I know , that he 's silent provocation to me all of a sudden I caught a loss situation Fortunately sister who gave me ideas : she has to talk to you about what qualifications he should take the opportunity fake christian louboutin to humiliate her, let her die piece of mind ? . however , really see her , especially after listening to her speech, I feel that I really understand a man is not enough , especially my husband . fact, his silence is a generous performance , his flat refusal nowadays because of the impetuous , he is actually afraid of further damage to calm me ...... all of this, so I really do not know the truth a little bit of feeling in the end , she said , the reason I and you say this, is to see your man still have feelings for you , I really like him, but he always avoided me , let me feel rather strange that he does not fit what things ? see you now , just know that you really know enough about him. remarks seemed to pin me as deeply hurt and I had was to give her some color to see , and did not think that , but she learned a lesson , though my heart is not comfortable, but I only did not humiliate her, but she thanked her from christian louboutin copies the heart to let me know his own man again flat husband thought : .. married life , nothing exciting is true that many women do not understand that, at every turn of the patience , the result not only hurt her husband , is also likely to bear the brunt of their own , particularly when some of the original position on firm enough man, when he can not get comfort in your own home , when the event of certain compassionate woman , the story should not happen may occur . woman and a biggest weakness is often scolded his men for nothing . mood perfectly understandable , but the practice is definitely defective . fierce competition in this society , men and women great pressure . woman hopes to change the fate of the men and women of the family , this is understandable, but it needs to do what . Notice, in this world there is no best , only better , Behind the world not just your man is a man , but also there are countless men . your man can not do everything good. should just normal to look at the man and the man's career. be able to bring you good luck and do not ecstatic , too, can give you dull life, you have to enjoy .

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