This stock is worth to save it ? Fell to 3000 points , who pocketed the quick money institutions and experts on call day call to blackmail the government bailout ! What can the government bailout ? The so-called stabilization fund is a universal hard-earned money , and if they have to first save the bailout that hundreds of millions of annual income less than 2,000 yuan vulnerable ! Because they live in misery !
In fact, fake gucci belts no one knows : Xinhua News Agency did not save the Cheap Gucci Belts stock market ! Cheap Gucci Belts stock market accustomed to a save ourselves , relying on a small group of people quietly crushed and pulled up fry up, this is the ups and downs of Gucci Belt's stock market cycle characteristics. According to several media reports: National Bureau of Statistics yesterday released economic commentary said that the current macroeconomic situation and policy from either level or the level of demand , do not support the price continues to climb, real estate profits era has ended, at rates up to 10 years rise, cheap gucci belts Gucci Belt's real estate market began to return to the rational .
Prices rose month by month
From the overall trend, the current price rise is down month by month , but the magnitude is not great . Review of the economy that , faced with shrinking sales in the market , developers must improve cash flow and profitability to find a balance between the world not only Replica Gucci Belt rise and not fall on the real estate market. Housing demand by monetary policy, land policy, tax policy and a series of real estate control policies related to the suppression of the real fake gucci belt estate bubble has been squeezed, prices rise is losing momentum .
According to statistics, from January to May this year , 40 major cities new housing , the accumulated turnover of second-hand housing area decreased by 24.9% , 20.9% . The first half of the 70 cities housing sales price rose year on year and showed a downward trend.
In order to curb speculative demand , since late last year , the central bank , the CBRC promulgated the interest rate hikes and raising the deposit reserve ratio policy measures, ranging from developers and buyers two tightening credit, and improve credit conditions , curb speculative demand . In January this year , the State Council issued on the promotion of economical and intensive land notice , the land will be idle gucci belt for men for two years without compensation. This year in the first half , the central bank is still implemented a tight monetary policy , five times in six months raised the RMB deposit reserve ratio , which means that real estate developers more difficult to obtain development loans , capital and more nervous .
Beyond the capacity of national consumption

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