This large piece of percussion is to use whole cow made of leather . Stella is no longer the first , the elite does not exist , it can not see or think of this dish is not part of SCE grassroots classes. Celebration personnel outside of the drum beat desperately , cow 's heart was in the drum sadly tears, for a certain period of a one day thing once ridiculed roots and guilt . In a nameless village, there is a people reared chickens . One male and one female , live every day to worry about food, worry about living a lifestyle, Gucci Belt Replica grow plump . One day, the hen feel especially uncomfortable , walked back to step one shake a chicken coop , eat or drink in the Replica Gucci Belts nest silly squatting , originally ruddy face now looks a little pale. Cock saw this miserable . Asked: Where are uncomfortable ? Whether or not to give you a massage ? Hen shook his head and said : My stomach feels like something is stuck in there , go up stuck atop the feeling . Cock face displeasure and said : always take care of you eat careful that you're not looking, eat a pass , which under fall ill ! hen cheeky shame color , softly replied: you do not know , I have you pregnant children, you can do a father , I feel a multiple birth . perhaps this is a particularly large appetite lately my reason ! but I did not expect to eat more food hurt the body . rooster 's face suddenly negative as positive , turn a few laps around the hen , to see what happens , but no result , after all this attention from the B super far worse. The next day, hen's disease or not improved, nor lazy not want to move in the nest to eat . At this time, she did not know there were numerous people in the village are talking about a major event. Evening, eating cock fight back, limped back to nest . Hens could not help but ask: Are you a troublemaker out ? Right ! You must be sleeping around , eating bird looks very nice neighbor aloe pullets tofu, owner beaten by others . Replica Gucci Belt Where ! you do not know three kilometers across the river from downtown old what ' bird flu ' the blast, reportedly died a few brothers , which under the miserable, and those wh Gucci Belts Replica o do not die suffer, all pulled ' Wan chicken pit ', as clear a style Daughter Aboriginal deal . cock alarmed , explains . Do you have anything to do with this ? Hen . There ! Cock exposed plump yet firm thighs and said: See? I endured a needle that is playing what vaccinations . Hey ! Long so big, castration things heard injections it had never encountered. tomorrow you can also add a San Mao Mao it ! I do not want four hair ( funky ) ! I just heard someone whispered words with the owner , that day should I sell them on the market . tonight is probably our last night the couple reunited , can you tell some stories sent this ominous night do ? Yes ! rooster said : You know what our predecessor ? Yes Phoenix are you a phoenix I was Phoenix , we play with every day in Vulcan , very, very happy , but from humans since our ancestors were trafficked to the country , we would have lost their homes , became a man of small animals in captivity , we contributions can be big too ! like ' KFC ', ' cottage chicken ', ' Fu Lei set chicken ' , etc.

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