This is why I desperately SOS call. Island people Oh, please do not use strange eyes looked at me, do not raise the flag of blame , accusing my blog text such as garbage , like flooding. If you sympathize with me , please join me on a long journey now ! Qingqi disappointment , hunger , misery of the soul, and I have to go the distance .

The times brutal , our hearts are not cruel , like fire burning on the island . If this cruel as fire , in order to open hideous face needed to set off a deeper darkness , then we will squeeze the blood in our body for the oil to unyielding body of the column , with the whole life will heat this cruel to dislodge a break in the night .
We can do it ! Because we are a generation blogging continuity person . Gray days , ground fog . Come Yishui Han Feng Xiaoxiao , Hirohito to Come Nevermore.
And hearing friends, receive my SOS call yet ? Received gave an echo, black star in this late winter night, in Shanghai in the northeast corner of the listening . We request
Play all our strength, mbt usa our human strength,
Starting from the same starting point , we have the same outfit .
. . . . . .
But once fully awakened , every Jubi waving,
Each root muscles taut, great heart beating rapidly ,
He is bound to suddenly leaps , standing in their own land,
His long journey was starting to victory ,
This is the moment of his birth .

Who wrote this poem ? It is written by the poet Browning . Well said , once a person is fully awake , this is his real birth of the great moments in life come .

Elite, elite admirable , brilliant came to this community yet ?
Elite, do not ! Should say public intellectuals , they are not only one of this society , the same is also this social group of the most special one . In my eyes , these public intellectuals should become the most respected people . They do not rely on the courage to speak, but by faith sustained himself a lonely and bitter heart, because the goal in front of them so far , need to walk the road is so bumpy , long and difficult Oh !

Why is public intellectuals should become the most respected person ? Because I can not reach them to pursue the kind of mood. Although I try to want to change themselves, have failed repeatedly . Yes ! I desire a true knowledge , but I was wrong road, in the true knowledge can not reach the place to look for true knowledge , I was destined to leave empty-handed . I accept the theory of education for decades , since that hole in the solution of the nature of this society , but I hole solution with the results but contrary to the public 's attention . My vision somewhat blurred , the reality of th mbt walking shoes is is true, but the fact that I have seen is somewhat vague. My heart unwilling , or struggling to want to find a real answer.

Those truths like the standard , in my quest before them , mbt shoes the teacher has offered me . In my various issues raised before the teacher has given the answer overnight . I bent body efforts to listen, because I do not listen to that filial performance. A mbt shoes clearance nd those standards when they deeply in my young chromium in my mind that accompanied me all th discount mbt shoes e way to grow . I can not publicly defend , nor give their own views , I can only let them have occupied a corner of my mind , and eventually become a straitjacket on my forehead .

You know that true knowledge is generated from the conscience , unconscionable thing certainly is not true, even now we can not reveal the true face come out of it , but I still cowardly, afraid to say no word. Although I Fichte 's famous written in my notepad : Life is neither to be sold and can not be presented , one can never be anyone else at all, because he is his all , and will always be all of his own . but this does not work either , I still sinking state. No matter how I transform thinking , how wrestling brains, no matter how much I cried extruded from the body endowments stuff , I still feel my inner world of a pale.

Stood a good day , however , why this seems like a morbid moaning, fun? Not fun ! Because my heart is not the noblest thing . Enjoy the noblest thing, that is the total freedom of clockwork gears are generally countless wonderful convergence and the resulting harmony sound. My heart Kuse , only use these words to pass their dubious , thinking that some of the emotional world can be happy . This is BT, knowing that BT, but still want to BT in the end, I'm really hopeless .

I let my soul fall again fallen , fallen completely brilliantly after birth . No matter how long I can fall , or can not learn abandoned myself, I could not see any new tricks to the birth . I looked in my mind, only far those elite idols, to see how they burn the life blood , was born in the fire of a new life to the individual .

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