Description A brigade Wang Chengrong sports work in qinghai province in 2005 by the Replica Hermes Belt paralympic management center hired as a coach, he brought by the two athletes at the 2008 Cheap Hermes Belt paralympics won 3 gold, 1 silver. In October 2011, ZhongCanLian Wang Chengrong reward 1.4991 million yuan. Qinghai TiGong a brigade then asked wang over by redistribution of organization, to wang suspended after being rejected. Wang Chengrong said, if the bonus redistribution, oneself may only get 20%. Qinghai TiGong a group captain hai-ning Yang said: he won't pay the money, we also have other means. (March 1, the Cheap Hermes Belt news) should Wang Chengrong to return the money? The vast majority of netizens think shouldn't pay.

The reason is simple: the money ZhongCanLian awarded to his personal. Wang Chengrong provides a named about issued by the 13th paralympic games Cheap Hermes Belt sports delegation coaches bonus letter, ZhongCanLian sports ministry says very clearly that the money is coaches bonuses, IntoCartoon and bonuses by ZhongCanLian scored Wang Chengrong personal account directly. Therefore, completely belongs to individual bonus can be concluded that this 1.4991 million yuan, with qinghai TiGong a group without any money. Wang Chengrong also report that during the period of secondment to ZhongCanLian led, he and his unit about the distribution of the bonus was never signed any agreement, if there is a deal he is willing to pay bonuses, and qinghai TiGong a brigade is to come up with about bonus allocation file. At this time of the unit to find Wang Chengrong want money, in emotion to reason in law, it seems, could not say the; Do not want money still will also wang suspended and threatened by other means, IntoCartoon it's a way to border on gangsterism.

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