This survey site is owned by the Corp Scan Group, which provides various solutions to the Companies of diverse sectors, including market research, project management, costing and valuation, etc. This site pays in cash and gifts as well and I believe does Foakleys it honestly, from the look of things and more good news is that it does electronic transfers to your bank accounts in India if you provide the required codes like the MICR/IFSC codes and so far I haven't seen any genuine complaints against them. I think electronic transfer is the best option, but there is the option of paypal as well for redeeming payments. For respective completed surveys they reward points; one point is equal to 20 INR and the rewarding of points generally vary from 3 to 20 and once you have accumulated 50 points, you can request for redemption from the available options. Though the more points you can accumulate the lesser would be the processing time for payments, according to the information provided on the site; for example, if you want to redeem more than 400 points, then the processing period will be one week, whereas when you want to redeem 50 points, it'd take four weeks of processing time. So larger is the amount of redemption, lesser would be the time required for the money to reach you. Fake Oakleys for sale They also maintain a passbook of every member and you can allocate part of your rewards to be redeemed as cash and the rest as gifts, that would be delivered to your home or office; so this site has several options as far as payment is concerned and I've to admit that the options are one of the best! But there are problems with them of a different kind. All the surveys in their survey panel are not for Indians, there are surveys that target lots of other countries and some are for Indians with specified target groups. They do not have surveys for everybody, at least a few ones like most sites do. Their main target are people with some kind of technical or professional Fake Oakleys knowledge, like IT, Management, etc. or people from big cities possessing affluent items like cars, smartphones, airconditioners, etc. I wonder sometimes why would those affluent people take such surveys for a few thousand bucks a month, when they tread on lakhs and crores of rupees, but later I thought may be the stay-at-home-moms find this as a good source of earning a little more pocket Cheap Fake Oakleys money, else I can't see why this section of people would take such surveys. They have also surveys for teenagers and students, which I believe would really help them Fake Oakley Sunglasses in supplementing their educational expenses. Since I don't figure in any of the above target groups I mentioned above I am yet to complete a survey with them; every time I attempt some survey I am screened out early. Well that is understandable and I'd say it is much better than being scammed. Apart from the main target groups they have some surveys though for consumers of various items and I suppose I'd figure in some of them some day and eventually be able to complete some surveys and then get payment from them.

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