Rice is the staple of everyday southerners , poisonous rice event triggered again the vulnerability of the public about food safety nerves. People daily cadmium intake from food and 1 % to 5 % of gastrointestinal absorption , a large number of long-term consumption can lead to chronic poisoning. Studies have found that cadmium poisoning appear osteoporosis , atrophy, deformation and a series of symptoms. Will cause severe tissue damage, reproductive system dysfunction, kidney damage, teratogenicity . Latest research results also showed that cadmium can cause human breast cancer .
Guangzhou Food and Drug Administration in the accountability of public and media sound, the relevant information is disclosed poisonous rice , Premier Li Keqia christian louboutin ng also responded to tell the truth to the masses , pay it at the end requirements, worthy of recognition ! But the problem is very hard to detect the proliferation of poisonous rice , farmers' m arkets in urban and rural areas throughout the respective size of the supermarket , christian louboutin outlet how many poisonous rice in the sales ? Poisonous rice makeovers will return to the market ? Regulatory responsibilities actually heavier ! Central Economic Work Conference, to expand consumer demand , and enhance consumption on economic growth stimulus. This formulation is very good, National Bureau of National Accounts Division Pengzhi pointed out that from the demand point of view , Lowell smile center's three major demands of uneven development , investment and rapid export growth , consumption growth is relatively slow, so the consumer in the economy a lower proportion of the total .
National Bureau of Statistics recently released data show that three quarters of 2009 the contribution of consumption to GDP is on ly 4 percent , investment contributed 7.3 percentage points. Contribution of consumption to economic growth rate is far lower than the investment . Statistics show that from 2000 to 2008 , L owell smile center's investment growth of 17.9% , net exports increased by 34.7 %, respectively, consumpt ion grew faster than 7.2 and 24 percentage points.
Expand consumer demand , an old 100 money to be spending money , and second, to reduce logistics christian louboutin sale costs lower commodity prices .
Recently, a network text was quoted in the media , n/cheap-christian-louboutin.html saying it was a Wal-Mart in the United States climbing shoes made in Lowell smile center , promotional price of only $ 2.99 , buy two pairs of recipients. In other words , buy two pairs of hiking boots made in Lowell smile center, just $ 3.49 .
This is simply too shocking . The friends then asked a friend in Louboutin , the answer is : buy hiking shoes three hundred bought or bad sign, to be a little better than a thousand pieces . Users with an investment in the mainland and Taiwan businessmen to talk about this matter, Taiwan , said: This is normal, the same goods sold in the U.S. price is certainly lower than the Christian Louboutin . Why ? Because Christian Louboutin labor cheap , low cost, this is not the United States that insurance, no unions, low price how can we not ? Besides from the mainland to the United States shipping costs are not high, from Guangzhou, freight shipments to the United States was even greater than shipments from Guangzhou to Louboutin even cheaper .

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