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In a limited time, as far as possible eliminate pattern, reach a certain score can enter the next level
Mar 09, 2017 · From alecita25
G7games - Lockup escape game is a Kind of Point and click new escape game. Created By G7games. You locked in High protection prison. now you have to free from this Prison.But it is not easy to come out. Because The jailer G7 made some good puzzles.and hidden objects. But we know you can come out.Enj…
Mar 09, 2017 · From alecita25
Lucky Cue 8 Ball Billiard - To start playing click and drag the white ball and place it somewhere to the left of the white line on the table. Click on the cue and hold than drag around to set power and angle. Get all your balls in than the 8-ball before the computer does. If you get the white ball…
Feb 09, 2017 · From alecita25
The third game in the Learn to Fly series. This time, our penguin is challenged to not only fly, but make it to space!rnrnA/D or Left/Right to steerrnW/Up for boostsrnS/Down to stop certain stagesrn1/2/3/4 to use single boostsrnrnControls can be changed in the options menu
Dec 29, 2016 · From alecita25
Collect all the pieces of the picture with the characters of fairy tale Little Red Riding Hood, in which a little girl met a wolf. You can choose any level of complexity for the more fun.
Oct 05, 2016 · From alecita25
Free online coloring game Lady with the Red Dress. Colorize this woman to your favorites colors. Use the mouse.
Sep 20, 2016 · From alecita25
Someone called in a hidden danger in the hotel. You must help me pack our things quickly. Hurry!
Sep 08, 2016 · From alecita25
Laser Escape is another point and click escape game developed by House Crow Games. In this game, you are locked in a room and you try to escape from the room by finding items and solving puzzles. Good luck and have fun!
Aug 26, 2016 · From alecita25
Chase the fishy rewards through a cartoon world of platform obstacles, growing with every bite, in the cutest and weirdest cat game on the web.
Aug 18, 2016 · From alecita25
Online puzzle game Little Manga. It's a beautiful sunny day, and our little girl decided to walk barefoot on the grass. Collect the picture as quickly as possible.
Jul 27, 2016 · From alecita25
Love Matching Factory is a drop down matching 3 puzzle game. Game is level enabled and each level is time limited. If you do not pop as many hearts as needed you will lose the game. The time bar is at the right side of the game. Make at least 3 of the same bubbles in group to remove them of the sta…
Jul 23, 2016 · From alecita25
Someone informed me informed me that the cops have a lead on the boss. Go to this address and remove any evidence.
Jul 22, 2016 · From alecita25
Jack and his friends are trying to stay on this spinning log for as long as possible while they collect golden coins. Can you help them do it while they make a fortune in this free online game?
Jun 06, 2016 · From alecita25
Solve all the puzzles around you that will help you to find a way out of this little square.
May 26, 2016 · From alecita25
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