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Similarly, Zhang cypress also wrong, she was saddled with Pornographic incident , replica gucci belts and in the case of no attitude , even went to a women's supplies advertising agency , had wanted to wash more healthy , the results did not wash the affected Pornographic , has drawn a lot of resistance. Some acquaintances who say Bo , Zhang cypress endorsement liked the original ad , but now see her performances on television was very contrived, does not like to play my heart ! Of course , this does not mean that we will not allow people to make mistakes, mistakes people make is not beat him to death , but can not say these people are not enlightened . The problem is that the digestion of a negative thing , we all need time . Of female artists who need time to get rid of the door , and the public to re- accept the female artists takes time. On this matter, time is the most efficacious drugs. However , it is precisely on the timing , and the timing surrounding the creation of the appropriate action to be taken , these female artists are involved in the door did not grasp . Not casually whitewash is eager to sacrifice, trying to win the sympathy and sadness to accept the public, did not think it did . No Bimensiguo not turn over the determination, cheap gucci belts hastily appearances , will cause public arts people simply do not care that they have done so frivolous , deeply hurt the fans who like their hearts , but also leads to the cooked rice situation, but also makes a lot of people turn from the previous to the current rage sympathy ultimately suffer greater harm or female artists themselves. Flower jump the river ! What ? Flower Who is it? Lunar twenty-nine night duty room where I am a person on duty, his girlfriend there and some hurried phone tone of voice, so I was scared . You forget how to do flower , the flower is my family's pet Goua some angry girlfriend . Just tense moment , even the flower is no one forgets . This is the tension caused by a short circuit thinking it. You quickly come , or flower might have been dead , his girlfriend's voice accompanied by a tearful voice . But the duty room, I was the only one person, how can leave it . You quickly call 110 right has been played , they immediately went to say . Girlfriend sounds a little calmer . I am here only anxious , a little too busy not help . After about five minutes , and gucci belt cheap beat his girlfriend over the phone . I quickly asked how , flower did not do it ? She said okay, but some cold river , after it jumped , it may feel bad that he walks toward the shore , until the police arrived , they formed a human chain to catch up to it from the shore . Now it trembling . Puppies how suddenly thought a river , you also pay attention to it too , I know it is important for her dog , most recently, because the original unit recombination , she has no work, at home to rely on flower for her, give her bring joy .

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