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Fang Siya in the UK when the second wife , along with the academic success of their own , find their own share of true love. After she again refused to cohabit original British men 's unreasonable demands , the British men finally pierce the old things between them , resulting in romance fizzled . Unfortunately, however, gucci belts for men has not ended. Attempted suicide after experiencing rescued after falling out of love , Fang Siya completely changed the whole person : the reason why she felt so happy to be ruined , money and lecherous men the way. She must use their pretty face and sexy body to play with a man, a man of revenge , to heal their inner wounds. Then one after another man after she love her and soon she was there to get rid of ...... love has become a trade , a game ...... a world-renowned University computer science Ph.D. , originally has a good future , how the body will use it to murder a man , because it seems not complicated, in fact, contains a lot of tragic factor. Acco gucci belts replica rding to a study in the UK capital requirements as a working-class family income is limited, is unbearable in the UK 's high cost . But Wang Cheng-feng eager family still decided to take her to England , causing her to finally even have to pay the rent can not afford it. This is a direct result of the dual pressures Fang Siya main cause of the tragedy , survival and schooling for a girl alone overseas , in addition to using their bodies change to money , it seems there is no better way . This is a similar situation when the family is a wake-up call . In addition, the rapid variation life is another incentive tragedy . Although she has a high IQ, but in dealing with the emotional crisis EQ is not high , she needs to find pleasure in the kind of revenge , and get a great physical and mental satisfaction. Farther and farther down the road so that the broken jar broken rejection . In fact, the road of life would have been a lot of choices , people do not deliberately pursue this , the tragedy gucci belts cheap of doctoral students studying abroad , for children , for families are a mirror. One day a d replica gucci belts rink with friends , drink Hing head , he always give us a little muddy , be add to the fun , this is probably a common problem of cheap gucci belt men . He was talking about this affair , I always thought at first he was bragging that he was a sentimentalist , a certain amount of wine to share , not afraid to talk about anything , no dance can not jump , did not dare to sing what song not dare to do anything , is simply an invincible person. His order for us to believe in him, but also specifically to the time and place have confessed .

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