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PatriotsTexans Gamechangers: A look at one of the plays that decided week 3

Has there been a more exciting regular season Patriots game in recent years? The only one’s I can think of that compare are the Kenbrell Thompkins game-winner against the Saints and the monster comeback against the Broncos when Wes Welker muffed the punt in OT. Tom Brady found his new weapon, Brandin Cooks, in the front corner of the end zone with less than 30 seconds left to take the lead against a surprisingly competitive Texans team that probably deserved the win. As opposed to last week, where no one play really stood out, this was the obvious choice this week, so let’s get right into it.via GIPHYCooks just runs a simple go route, with the defense playing cover 4. He clears the CB, who was right to let him past but should’ve followed him closer than he did. The safety over the the top was late to get there, and Brady puts it in the perfect spot for Cooks and only Cooks to make a play on it. Cooks displays ridiculous body control to get his feet down in-bounds and avoid a big hit from the safety At the line, Jadeveon Clowney and Whitney Mercilus ran a stunt, with Mercilus rushing outside and Clowney coming around him to take on Joe Thuney. Clowney puts Thuney on skates, and forces Brady to make an already incredibly difficult throw under pressure. This was a relatively straightforward play, so there isn’t as much to break down as there was last week, but the execution by Brady and Cooks was impeccable, andfor obvious reasonsit was the most important play in a win that didn’t look like it was going to happen just minutes earlier. Never doubt Tom Brady Damarius Travis Jersey, the way some Pats Pulpit writer may or may not have...I’m amazed at how little faith I have in the Patriots to score here 24Keiran Magic September 24, 2017Heh, whoops.

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