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Omega timekeeper of the Diamond League in Chorzów

In 2022, for the first time in Poland, athletics competitions were held as part of the so-called Diamond League. For the CH24 editors - apart from following the sports struggles - it was a great opportunity to see from the backstage how the Omega measuring equipment works.

Readers who know me know that I'm not really the athlete type. Running or the gym does not trigger endorphins for me and I limit myself to walking, playing golf once in a while, cycling or watching snooker games in front of the TV screen. It does not change the fact that participation "live" in various sports events has some magical power,

and the stadium atmosphere even in me evokes the spirit of cheering. It was no different in Chorzów, where the Silesia Memorial of Kamila Skolimowska was held recently,

the only Polish meeting included in the Diamond League classification cycle. The replica watches uk event was broadcast by nearly 150 TV stations from all over the world,

and about 30,000 fans sat on the stands of the Silesian Stadium.

During the competition, the runner Natalia Kaczmarek broke rolex replica her life record in the 400-meter run, crossing the finish line in 49.86 seconds. Paweł Fajdek in the hammer throw achieved the result of 81.27 meters. Pia Skrzyszowska set a life record in the 100-meter hurdle race with a result of 12.51 seconds. The Swedish pole vaulter Armand Duplantis jumped as much as 6.10 meters. Of course,

these are only selected results, for which you need precise equipment to measure very accurately. Omega was responsible for its delivery and service - a brand associated with the topic of timing for many decades, not only in athletics competitions, but above all in the Olympic Games.

Before the start of the competition, a group of guests invited by Omega had the opportunity to see how the timekeeping equipment looks and works. The equipment used in the timing of the runs seemed to be the most interesting. It all starts with the starting blocks for false starts,

which measure the pressure of an athlete's foot at a frequency of up to 4,000 times per second. Any deviation from the norm generates information about a false start and, as a result, stopping the race.

The aforementioned block has a small loudspeaker coupled with a characteristic red Omega starter gun with a futuristic shape.

After pressing the button, the gun triggers a sound signal in each of the blocks at exactly the same time. In the past, with long distances, some players were significantly distant from it, so the sound reached them with a delay.

Omega also uses RTTS (Real-Time Tracking System). It is a solution that integrates a chip weighing only 16 grams and a size of 66 mm long,

48 mm wide and 5 mm thick with the athlete's starting number (placed on the chest).

This chip - in conjunction with receivers located both outside the track and inside the track - allows you to track selected parameters of players in real time. Some of them are presented live to fans,

and some are made available to coaches, constituting a valuable source of information.

At the finish line, there is a photocell and a Scan'O'Vision MYRIA camera waiting for runners, which records 10,000 digital images per second. Thanks to such an accurate record, you can quickly resolve any disputes and indicate the winner of the race.

Omega uses a lot of different types of security. Some devices in the event of a breakdown are equipped with backup systems

(for example, the finish line is monitored by two additional Scan'O'Vision MYRIA cameras). However, all devices are connected with cables for safety reasons. They lead to two rooms where the employees of the Omega Timing department are responsible for ensuring the accuracy and precision of the measurements.

All the equipment came to Poland in one large truck,

and information about its operation was shared with us by Alain Zobrist,

CEO of Omega Timing. Perhaps next time you follow the competition, you will want to pay attention to all these details. I also encourage you to read the article: The Lord of the Rings, or Omega and the measurement of time at the Olympic Games.

Omega Seamaster Aqua Terra "Ultra Light"

In addition to the struggle on the treadmill, the stadium in Chorzów was also the place of the Polish premiere of the Omega Seamaster Aqua Terra "Ultra Light",

a titanium watch weighing only 55 grams, which we have described for you HERE. Armand "Mondo" Duplantis had exactly the same model on his wrist during the high jump.

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