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fake ray bans ,cheap ray bans sunglasses--Hat + hairstyle the best supplement plan early spring street


The most common MaoXianMao in winter, in addition to keep warm, MaoXianMao also very leisure, and for everyone. MaoXianMao suitable for hair to be able to show some from the edge of the length of the hat, otherwise,monster energy hats it will let people doubt whether you bald. If there is a bang, it took to bang on one side, and then put the pressure on the edge in bang hat, showing the way half bang. If your hair is and shoulder length, then try disheveled feeling, use the hair end texture spray grabbing the messy feeling can. Long hair of girl, some simple waves it (with a curling irons and curly hair gel), or to a side horsetail pretty good also.

Shallow top fedora hat
The shallow top fedora hat in the beginning is the men's patent, now also more and more be women love. Hat itself very neuter, can bring spell able is handsome feeling, so you need to use the woman flavour hair style to balance. If a long hair, or leisurely and air feels curls. Of course, try the hair after the head dish into a loose bun and hide in the hat, then pick a few wisps of finely curls on both sides of the cheek,cheap monster energy hats very rural girl's feel. And shoulder long hair might as well as shown in figure 6 plunge into two small YangJiaoBian, playful and modern.

Wide brim cap
70 s large hair roll is wide brim cap to match absolutely, if you want to try this absolutely wild style, then you have to give a hair spray on curl rub silk with large after curling irons modelling, then spray on the force stereotypia spray to keep. If you itself is curl, that keep the hair roll don't move, wipe on point of embellish hair gel let more moist light can.


Equestrian cap
Equestrian cap and not the streets of popular trend, but still has many followers. As a royal noble favorite sport, equestrian cap than aristocratic fair maiden temperament, a smooth side horsetail or ponytail,new era hats riding the cap is perfect match, handsome and very ladylike. In order to straight short-tempered, remember to use hair conditioner.


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