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TUTORIAL - Cisne (modular de 400 piezas)
One of the most time-consuming Origami I have ever made (it took me about 5 days) is also one of the most beautiful pieces of this folding art. Here is how to do it, I hope to inspire enough to make people make this one. It is not hard it is just very time-consuming. If you have any doubt in any part of the process feel free to ask, I will answer your question. The final result shown at the begging and end of the video. Please rate and comment. TWITTER: FACEBOOK: Q&A Section Q - Exactly how many pieces are used? A - You need to fold 387 pieces in total. Q- Where did you get so many pieces of paper? A- I actually cut them myself out of Letter size sheets. You can get up to 12 pieces from one sheet (using 6 by 10 cm size). Q- Is it possible to use pieces of another size? A- Yes, it is possible, but if you are going to use different sized paper just make sure you make them PROPORTIONAL to the size i suggest. In other words, if you want to reduce the Swan size by 50% the pieces should be 3 by 5 cm, and if you want to make it bigger by 50% you should use pieces of 9 by 15 cm. --------------------------------------------------- Uno de los Origami más tardados de hacer es también uno de los más bonitos. Aquí está cómo hacerlo, espero inspirar lo suficiente como para que ustedes se animen a hacerlo, vale la pena. Repito, no es díficl sino muy tardado de hacer (me tomó al rededor de 5 días). SI surge alguna duda acerca del proceso <b>...</b>

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Holaaa En la funeraria : -como murio? -en una pelea- -Tu como sabes ? -Porque el letrero dice "SEPELIO" , pero no dice con quien, :D

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30.11.2012 (2968 days ago)
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