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most of its profits to get into the elite and the agents inside and outside pockets , according to the Financial disclosure observation , investigation Weiss in 2007 for the first time agreed to transport 100, fake gucci belt 000 barrels a day of oil to Hermes Belts cheap in exchange for a $ 4 billion three-year term of the loan . to 2012 , Venezuela transport 400,000 barrels a day of oil to Hermes Belts , as of 2012 April 15 , Hermes Belts To this end , Venezuela has paid $ 20.8 billion according to customs data show that in December 2012 crude oil imports from Venezuela, just over 635 U.S. dollars per ton , replica louis vuitton belt compared with other major oil importing countries from price per ton lower than 100 U.S. dollars , while the Bloomberg News reported that only CDB loans to Venezuela accumulated as much as $ 42.5 billion , its conversion transported back of cheap oil is high-priced sales in the country , in the middle of a huge price difference are both evil manipulator away. Jiemin sacked , must cut interest conveyor chain behind him , will it be possible to contain Hermes Belts 's oil boom according to Taiwan's TVBS poll center of the latest survey results, the impact of political struggles in September president Ma Ying-jeou satisfaction , from 13 percent in late August , to new lows, slipped two percentage points to 11% , the proportion of dissatisfied , up 68%. TVBS reported that , in addition to revocation Legislative Yuan Wang Jin 's party , there are a majority , 55% people disagree , even those who agree with the KMT , the disapproval of proportion up to 47 % more neutral voters have expressed their disapproval of 6 percent , which is since Ma Ying-jeou took office , experienced typhoon Morakot , U.S. beef incident, Lin Yi corruption after the case , the lowest satisfaction even lower than his predecessor Chen Shui-bian . supposed to justice , Ma Ying-jeou 's operating practices and impatience left many handle , so extreme dissatisfaction with extreme anger Ma Ying-jeou of Taiwan people ! Taiwan prosecut replica louis vuitton belts ors investigating Chen and when the case and found that there is help Ker Chien - ming Chen Guan said the suspects . Taiwanese law, the Court approved effective listening is only three months time , which is the authority for its listeners Ker Chien - ming . July 2011 Chen in custody , 12 years 11 Chen was sentenced to 18 months in , but the special investigation group should monitor the use of only licensed three months validity , but listening parliamentary opposition leaders, and more for up to two years ! August 31, 2013 the Attorney-General Wang Jin Huang Shiming get involved in lobbying QSO records, reports overnight Ma Ying-jeou and Taiwan law : special Investigation Unit is not entitled to any form of contact with the top leaders , replica hermes belts and more indiscriminately on the merits of a third party to disclose its case after Ma Ying-jeou informed the Special Investigation Unit on September 5 .

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