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Too much spinning Mizuno golf clubs of the hips or turning, with out the needed bump or lateral movement.The result of this spine angle change is a tilt of the spine away from the target.When this happens it makes it impossible to hit down on the golf ball. It actually causes one to hit up on the ball. In addition it makes it harder to square up the clubface so that, often, you get a blocked shot to the right. Weak Womens golf clubs and ugly.Ok that is what I saw and heard.Our resident LPGA teaching pro was doing some serious thinking.About this. As she was pondering, her student continued to hit balls with the same move, over and over.The swing actually looked pretty good. But once you began to pick it apart piece by piece it was obvious that things were not as they seemed.The move she was making is one that is hard to fix. It requires some innovation in the swing and it's sequence.There are some drills that could help. Toeing in your left Clone golf clubs foot sometimes will give you the correct feeling. But, although this is a good drill.
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