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What is of great ingenuity, what the reasons! A beautiful

Masaharu girl usually trivial, often make a people. Usually everybody is busy, do not accompany her, so it also stole something all right, just find something out, to arouse people's attention. Zhao although large, but then some of the individual, Masaharu is one of the smallest. The servant and her together, for identity, not too close. Elder brother elder sisters University University, going out to work out work, rarely go home with her. So, even if is Masaharu do some special things, you also laugh away, and not how to punish her. Said Masaharu, this girl really out of the side of a little house ran out. Her hand holding two clothes, when she saw a middle-aged man, quick to clothes into a beautiful woman hand plugs, they turned and ran. Stop. Middle-aged people have a sound, Masaharu little girl suddenly stopped. " Daddy, uncle, uncle, what are you here! " Masaharu suddenly tense up, pointing to a beautiful woman and chicken brother said, " Daddy, I don't know big brother so much, even aunt he was wounded. I really toms uk don't know, you don't punish me, I will not encourage others to fight! " Chicken brother head cold, rely on, she spoke without brain Mody, what words are to hold up?! Rely on,




can't you and your aunt learn?! What is of great ingenuity, what the reasons! A beautiful woman is stupefied, ha ha laugh, " brother, the Murong strange is really tough! " She stood up, dodder along, go to the middle-aged person side and whispered a few words. The middle-aged man li mans eyes flash, then angry face, pointing to Murong strange howls: " is your boy bad me Xin Ya girl's innocent?! " Rely on... Chicken toms men shoes striped brother head cooler! Mom, when I say! NND, it is a family, what have to tease. This toms shoes men is it right? All genetic?! Masaharu girl talk nonsense, you old woman who is big mouth, I still like you! " Uncle Zhao, bad elegant clean things, I do not admit! " Chicken brother see no way, but to his shoulders hunched, assumed a pervert like, " I and Xin Ya are really in love, you still make us! " Middle-aged people increasingly furious, reached a brother to chicken head on to. He left behind several middle-aged and belles were all shocked, He Qi will middle-aged man stopped, " with, can not ah! " " Brother, stop! " Make fun of, to big brother 's hand, the hand down, that thin youth not to shoot dead, also photographed residues! " Uncle Zhao, please help! " Chicken brother head slightly, a little timid without. To an outsider, this is called character, called fearless of death for a just cause, called face danger fearlessly. In fact, in another words, is cheap toms a dead mouse feels no cold! The middle-aged anger extremely instead smiles, " ha ha, I Zhao were born for a good daughter, your father gave birth to a son! Fuck, what do you want to help me?! You know ya Xin who that is? Do you know the difference between you?! Well, a few cigarettes, bottles of wine, dare to call,




I don! " Said, Zhao Suran kicked two dozen tobacco escaped, scattered in the garden. Chicken brother brow rugulose, " Uncle Chao, I cease here. Xin Ya, I will take! " " Eh? " This time, not only with Zhao, even behind him several brothers face in anger. Young man. What have you done. " I am... Do body limit research! " Chicken brother pats chest, " I now is the study of the limits of the human body, from the physical to the body structure. Although other people did not study success, but I have studied invulnerability! " A beautiful woman but low laugh one sound, the nonsense of Kung Fu, Murong strange is not weak! Slightly surprised middle-aged man, before he heard his Masaharu girl said Murong Qi gave the younger sister to defeat, some amazing. Now this from Murong 's mouth to say, this seems to mean more aggressive. Chicken brother see each other not to talk, big step forward, " Uncle Chao, dare to make a bet?! " " Said! " Zhao Suran simple language. " I give you a hard hit three punches, need not hand! If I'm not dead, Xin Ya with me; and if I die, even if it is for your air! How is it. Chicken brother said this, the man suddenly gasped. Zhao Suran is beyond the limit to the strong, the blow for Jack power. Let alone people, even iron, can leave a fist line down. Opposite the young man to say such things, don't really have a death wish?! In the loudly shouted, comrades, subscription, gold, red, gifts, collections, recommend to airflow bully!...

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