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Watch the Russian presidential elections: Putin is an absolute advantage

Watch the Russian presidential elections: Putin is an absolute advantage

Local time, MBT Shoes morning, March 4 8 point 8, the Marais homes baby, located in the Chukotka autonomous region in Russia's northeast side of the women voters, cast their solemn vote, she became the first person of the Russian presidential election vote. The face of the camera lens, she said excitedly, "I am the mother of four children. To vote, to the future of my four young children,.
In the early morning of the 4th Moscow under the snow. Second-year female student of the Moscow Institute of International Relations Anna for the first time to participate in the presidential election. She told reporters: "I voted for Putin, one vote, because I want the more powerful of the motherland, and hope that Russia will continue to develop steadily." World War II, the old war Shilei Bake Fu said, "Today, we have chosen is not only head of state, but also choose national development policies. "
Shortly after noon, the Russian presidential candidate, current Prime Minister Vladimir Putin with his wife who went to the polling station at the Russian Academy of Sciences. After voting, MBT Shoes Cheap he easily Russian media said, "I hope that the presidential election voter turnout is higher than ever, because the new president can not do without the support of the majority of voters if elected, I will focus on the international stage on safeguarding Russia's national interests in the domestic political life, I will focus on improving people's MBT Shoes Australia living standards, and strive to improve people's health, health and education levels. "
Russian presidential candidate, the Russian Communist Party leader Gennady Zyuganov, No. 149 polling stations in the Moscow city participated in the election. He said, "Today, I am a healthy, intelligent, and prosperous Russia cast their votes and I hope the Russian people can live in dignity, rather than as serfs and prisoners of war as ignoble peace."
This is the 6th Russian presidential elections and the new president's term of office for the first time been identified as 6 years. To participate in the campaign of presidential candidate of the incumbent Prime Minister Vladimir Putin, MBT Outlet the Russian Communist Party leader Gennady Zyuganov, chairman of the Liberal Democratic Party Vladimir Zhirinovsky, Mironov, Just Russia party leaders and hundreds of millions of wealthy Prokhorov.
Across the country, the Russian Central Election Commission has set up 95,000 polling stations and hundreds of overseas polling places. Russia Total 108 137 957 eligible voters, of which 1.8 MBT Sale million people in the overseas voting.
Russia's vast territory, across 11 time zones in Russia's Far East Kamchatka Krai and Chukotka autonomous region voters was Moscow time at 0:00 on the 4th to vote, while in Russia the most western end of the Kaliningrad vote station from Moscow at 9:00 on the 4th enabled.
In order to ensure fair and transparent elections, to prevent corrupt conduct, the Russian Central Election Commission, a 24-hour network monitoring camera installed in the 91,000 polling stations, MBT Shoes Sale and one-third of the ballot boxes to replace transparent. In addition, many major cities in the polling station, the installation of a automatically votes processor equipment

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