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Gastrointestinal health protection

Gastrointestinal health protection

First, up to drink carbonated drinks: 
Cola, MBT Shoes Australia soft drinks and other carbonated beverages is carbonated water with sugar and coloring, not only nutrition is zero, the price is very low. Up to drink carbonated beverages, not only will make people burp, bulging belly, but also greatly reduced appetite. Heat a can of Coke and a bowl of rice can be equal to, if more drink, perhaps you have not started to eat something, thismeal has exceeded the heat. If you really want to drink sweet drinks, fresh fruit and vegetable juices better. 
Second, fasting fish and seafood: 
Protein-rich fish and seafood may be eaten if fasting, these proteins are converted into wasteheat. Not only can not make up the body, but will increase the body burden. In addition, MBT Shoes sale fastingeat seafood and fish, but also increase the body's absorption of purine, may lead to gout. 
Third, Mengchi cream cake: 
Cream cake looks beautiful, in fact, put on a cream color and plant flowers clothes. On the cost of a less than a dollar, on nutrition, it is not only high oil high-sugar, butter plants in the trans fatty acids to bring harm to the human body is more powerful than lard. If you want to eat the cakewithout Papan, cheese cake nutrition high, prices are more expensive, can eat a small piece ofcraving. 
Fourth, the tea boiled eggs: 
Alkaloids, in addition to tea,MBT Shoes Cheap there are acid, these compounds combine with the iron in eggs,have a stimulating effect on the stomach, and not conducive to digestion and absorption. 
Fifth, fried eggs, MSG: 
Egg itself contains many of the same composition of glutamate monosodium glutamate, MSGwhen it scrambled eggs, not only to increase the flavor, but also disrupts the natural flavor and cover eggs. 
Six, red and white radish mixed with food: 
White radish in the high vitamin c content, but it contains carrots enzyme called ascorbic acid, itwill destroy the white radish in the vitamin c. MBT Shoes Once the red and white radish with white radish in the vitamin c will be lost. Moreover, in vegetables and vitamin c with cooking, the carrots areserved as a spoiler role. There cucumber, pumpkin, also contains a similar carrot enzyme.

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