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Wine not drunk, heart is more bright

See from the time you get married, staring at the screen replica oakley sunglasses, I stay for a long time, silly sat there, grief from the heart on, it's finally still come!

In a hurry and friends send a message against individual is running away the Internet bar, no destination repeatedly walked in the street, let my tears poured to the silent flow, the friend of the text messages a then care one, don't want to go back to, but is afraid of them interrupted you give my memory!

Just find a restaurant sit down, not to order some wine...... first Let me have a drunk a, let me again but this time, give myself to you distant and love with a perfect ellipsis!

Had a tears free and easy words: if you married must tell me! Invitations must to...... I come true, but let me so unbearable bear! Not serve food, wine also half...

Cover the long hair and feelings vigorous, have the deep, no I wail aloud to weep aloud, and tears flowed. Wine and food, is bitter......

On the flight attendant counsel truly pack up under a mountain, did not pick up one of the messages reply. A warm message easing the pain in my heart! Are adults, need not advised me to know, this is me is I, who also get it! Is not my will not come, demand cannot! Just, say that is a, is a set of! I also had been so advised to many friends, really when this scenario happened in my body, at this time, who persuaded don't... into...

Puppet miraculously eat, drink, and a bottle of wine and mobile home to end checkout, and sit in front of the computer, found that failure...... indulge drink failure Foolishly staring at the screen, and found sadly, I not only didn't get drunk, or even any tears out! Miss sister's arms, at least, I can but violent to cry rude!

I wrote to you through the each words, ZiZhenGouZhuo cheap new era baseball caps, let it fly ash in the flame of annihilation......

The instruments of music has not stop, missing everywhere, suddenly WenHeMing period.

ZhuYan not heart has no intention to, waved see tears full jin.

Street alone number acacia, with the drinking, jump to drunk can stop.

But the wine all the more bright, the more memory to a new!

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