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Over the last several season, I鈥檝e come to anticipate Fendi鈥檚 fashion shows because of the uptick in the quality of the brand鈥檚 accessories. Not only were its Spring 2011 bags totally on-trend and directional, but they seem just as brilliant wholesale c
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The line was fit for a wealthy New England art student, and the handbags also had the same vintage-modern flair. Shapes were mostly structured and ladylike, with several repeat visitors wholesale fashion jewelry from Spring 2011, along with a handbag (l
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China decided over the weekend to cut the amount of money banks are required to hold in reserve, after a host of weaker-than-expected indicators on Friday pointed to a further slowdown instead of recovery in the world's second largest economy. The Peopl
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LONDON, May 13 (Xinhua) -- The British defense secretary on Sunday said that he had balanced the country's military budget, the first time for many years. Defense Secretary Philip Hammond said, "For a decade now the Ministry of Defense (MOD) has had a pr
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