Can bolting bovine replace Germany's oracle octopus?
Could a runaway celebrity cow replace the late Paul the "oracle" octopus because the next animal having the ability to predict the fortunes nike free sko of Germany's national team?

German football fans were nike free tilbud delighted that Yvonne the cow's decision to tip nike free run Portugal to conquer Germany in the Euro 2012 soccer championship within the Ukrainian town of Lviv on Saturday switched to be wrong.

Yvonne shot to fame in Germany this past year after she steered clear of from the farm where she was because of be slaughtered and roamed free around Bavaria for 3 several weeks, eluding the player, predators, animal activists, Ernst the bull as well as her closest friend.

Paul, the mystical mollusk properly predicted the end result of matches including the German team within the 2010 World Cup, including defeat to The country within the semi-finals by selecting to consume from 1 of 2 containers placed before him. One container transported the German flag and also the other the flag from the opposing national side.

The bolting bovine was offered a range of troughs clothed with national flags on Friday and ate in the Portuguese one, Germany's radio Bayern 3 reported. However, she also quickly moved onto the German trough.

Germany won the match 1-.

Since Paul's dying this year at nike nike free sko free run age almost three, a ripe senior years in octopus terms, Germany continues to be hunting your pet kingdom for any worthy successor.

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