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Summer vacation to. Myopia students will probably use the holidays to carry out visual inspection, correction, hospitals, optical shops also began to get busy. A variety of methods of correction of myopia, contact lenses by many primary and secondary schoo
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  When I was young, murakami elders had told me a story that said every day in the Buddha thought three finally very philosophical question: in this world oakley sunglasses, what person is the most important? What is the most important? What time is the
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  Allow time from my side across in a hurry, through a busy cheap new era , experience lonely, miss chance aura disappointed in heart ripple, slowly waiting for the night's burn, the youth has gone, long retention, dark wave heart has already become th
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That year QiYue, the rain was particularly frequent, perhaps fake oakley sunglasses, is the god much a sentimental, perhaps, is deep love to the rain, the rain falls wutong, knock banana. That year QiYue, you meet her, of that year QiYue, white dandelio
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  To start a flower, a clear stream said. Like every text to the beautiful JingMei spiritual, write down the habbit is green of the past. There are always some years YanJuan unforgettable warm, life there are always some touches hearts clips, between th
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The plant is in our long huangguoshu entrance, don't know how many years

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