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Had to go to absolute majority.

At this time, connect cloud mountain range foot 1,000,000 group of fairies, 3322 discuss of, but with thunder fire way the gentleman waits a person a vast difference between the two.

"Way elder brother, you see eastern teacher Huang preach world and provide education for all the people and is highest that**, easily induction, for of is what?"

Talk to be just one common monk, not clear contribution, don't know for a sky, heart,custom football jerseys cheap, just purely surmise from this fix fairyland numerous year rules.

"For of is what?"Another one person sneers at, "'s nothing but leaving limitless good luck , after the emperor of east flew to rise to work properly fairyland, can shelter Zong Men, safely and excessively just."

"The emperor of the east is again strong, finally can not make duplicate, afterward the method mutually believes in how could again is an eastern emperor, does the Wei press world?"

"These year methods mutually believe in situation to temporarily have no quantity and have no this day big face to press over there, afraid is east the emperor fly to rise to also have peace of mind"

The this person voice square falls, flank one person put in a word to say:"Way elder brother's this speech differs Yi."

Talking that human face dew chagrin in former times was about to condemn, turned head a to see but was a very well-known big monk, hurriedly would arrive the oscular words kept on re- swallowing, the open mind asked.

"East emperor BE, actually can not measure, I however the Gu wildly talks it, you also the Gu wildly listen to it."

Say, the color of that big monk eyes dew dream, one word a way:"I if way in Chengkong University ……"

"I if way in Chengkong University, the one who wish the world Mu fairy way, is free from inborn born gift restriction, don't bury for the chance in the day after tomorrow, but any heart to the big way, can beg Suo fairy road."

"I if way in Chengkong University wishes ten thousand lightses, comfortable long clear ……"


"…… The wish everyone is like dragon, realize suddenly fairy absolute being"

"…… Wish to suppress fairy any gutters, turn the human life as paradise"

The word word is clear, the sentence sentence hears and starts 2 fixing a fairy, the air is respectfully immediately it, if be infected.

All is to once experience this act act great event, understand that naturally in sing of, is exactly the big great wish that any that day of piece delivers.

The big monk in"in my view come, east emperor is,customized jerseys cheap, for of is to weigh a tree fairy way, sign another order" seems to be also for the piece any big great wish be infected, took out a kind of unspeakable concussion in the voice, "what magical power unauthorized biography, what the big way lightly teach, at east the emperor see, again calculate what, I wait a person with very limited outlook and wildly talk about world hero."

"The east emperor's some other day should wish, I certainly attach its Ji tail and order about for it and totally go this important event ……"


The decade preaches, various sort great event, at this speech talk, in the discussion, or the haze surmise, or respect adore a big wish in, by leap and bound in nine state the human lives, three the boundaries spread in the fairy.

These 1,000,000 monks, like a material for new fire, piece any of fame, his real strenght, his big wish, get about a person of and of all places,cheap nfl jerseys for sale, which afraid in addition to sky,nfl customized jerseys sale, Zong is underground, is also relating its record of events, rumours its reputation.

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