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And in a faded, still don't feel the beauty of the fall, winter steps is just over the horizon. Perhaps as early as used to those who leave without saying goodbye to people and things, only in the memory to look for the beauty of a flash in the pan. Then hurts seeks a nerve, missing will be like a spring peach blossom in the mind of the mad display its enchanting.
The temperature gradually began to sting the skin replica oakley sunglasses, do not know when the sky floating up white snow, the hills and the back of the bamboo on the white coat. Looking into the distance is frozen.
Read a Buddha, the read into demons. A read to the success or failure of the between things, love of life and death. Is that the spilt milk, deny that, that no turning back, can let it snow flying with together, and then fall in a land of sorrow.
Is: vegetation the end is winter and love also is such.
Is: fireworks beauty only in a flash, and love also is such.
Is: the phoenix must pass a bath the fire to nirvana, but love also is such.
May: we love only one life,
May: we love is like broad-leaved epiphyllum,
May: we love life is unable to pass the test of fire.
The cold moonlight and full of white the earth. Have I in the past, the YangLiuYiYi, today I to think, through the rain and snow. Hand, and son are old. Don't only belong to another story? Perhaps that's just literati unable to realize the ideal heart, can only use words to meet the heart. The brain gradually stopped thinking and began to feel everything around just a vapid of virtual image.
Endure pain after will become numb, numbness after will lose consciousness. It was found later that even if you have GanChang grieved, say them to other people, other people are unable to ease your pain. Slowly know, interpersonal is not know one another. Like standing in different Angle, you will see different view. Only paid to the same pain, will really understand others.
I do not know when to start talking with some disgust for, even if be humanitarian not, also don't bother to go to excuse, feel those are superfluous action. Gradually get used to this way of life, know that some things can not be changed. Know some people, is unable to keep. Even if you all efforts, can escape the constraints of fate. As the air of fallen leaves every now and then, can't control his action; The fish in the aquarium is, is unable to swim out of it that slice of heaven and earth.
If the ice cold the reality of the moment with weak heart cool thin, like wolves in the darkness, a green light, gradually understand, life is but the birth and death of the journey, like nature of chun xiaqiu winter is the process of rebirth must pass. Gradually to the light in the darkness and not be afraid. We will never stop on the quicksand, can let it quietly flies. Take away the youth, failed to live up to may, and then in the corner of the years oakley sunglasses, to remember those fragmented memory. Turn over the years the bookmark and view picture of the past, were found colorful pictures, only black and white and two color.
Secular wind never stop it steps, it blows to the Ming dynasty from the sui and tang dynasties, the ChaoGe after Beijing, till today become more violent. Money dominated, in a world of reality is not tolerate the society
Feeling for what, life and death mutually determination.
The solid, TianHuangDeLao pledge.
King as a rock, as the idea of PuWei concubine.
Let a man, BaiShou not in the delusion of the people.
Thin body years don't move too much sorrow, pale, not out of 7 colour life thorn suzhou embroidery, beautiful graffiti can not stand the baptism of the years, alone the row boat OARS out of love not the ocean. The past the cycle of smoke is the wind blow, the setting sun is still beautiful, li, liu dike, oblique fai affectionately water also long. Just in the west lake on the broken bridge, never less than that leave creature.

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