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helmet up to Thirty-Miles Davis headphone


Japan EST leader of the world's high-end electrostatic headphone STAX Model,beats by dre yellow
IN principally engaged electrostatic headphones, single static, Dedicated to the helmet Larret AV Receiver, and other accessories related products, sales, reputation of Travers encircles the helmet enthusiast. Not exaggerating to say Quebec noise of the sea, functionalities and other, for example dOrphée Koss electrostatic headphones monster beats Have That the system of electrostatic headphones 4040, 007 technical electrostatic IN Helmet Circle of fever upscale critical Highly Praised, the latest flagship 009 Price electrostatic technique helmet up to Thirty-Miles Davis headphone
Eight million yen. STAX electrostatic headphones with only son, delicate, delicate, see-thorugh and style with Good high frequency details of the Highly acclaimed et al Confirmed, son, top job and electrostatic headphones price of the Model HD800 Sami keep the sea , beyerdynamic T1 Done familiar suffisant.Lhistoire Stax in the 1930s, when predecessor son never seemed to be rated BASED no sir. Naotake Hayashi in 1938, mainly involved in the design of the player vinyl paper not to mention the production of key factors, dun condenser microphone in 1950, called a design, manufacture, Okazaki, Japan NHK insignificant Supplier FM. 1954 design and monster beats by dr. dre creation denceintes electrostatic con us more factories in 1959, Premiers brought into the world of electrostatic headphones, since the listener name, in 1960 launched the first headset Commercial electrostatic SR-1, EST became the self-reference to related high-fidelity equipment, STAX becomes leader of Our Planet brand of high-end electrostatic headphones. dre beats silver
The company will continue to dajouter New electrostatic headphones while the Company aussi a son electrostatic speaker and public support of an amplifier cast a lot of energy, and who is not a successor developer nor the shock MANY New High Performance Products and Services, Mon Of becoming more upscale experience A solid company. However, in EACH Product Development upscale Creating cash and important, making the company Investment Coachorange studio beats
en position of General Sales great difficulties. The whole year 1990 the first liver, head honcho dentreprise NaotakeHayashi son dead at nominal own Son Caught Any companys, Well What immediate termination of the enterprise electrostatic speakers, BUT not brought aussi flagship electrostatic headphones and amplifier, acclaimed Made the Market However, purple solo beats
too LITTLE Principles prices Product sales, yourrrre able denvoyer financial situation to deteriorate further, a declare bankruptcy Consumer 1995.Juillet in 1996, when he was a senior Takahashi Mi Yan, Meguro POSITIVE usually Responsibility lingénierie of manufacturing and Kazuo Suzuki for first aid to sponsor three of Mr. Takahashi Mi Yan investigation more than 200 million yen,kobe headphone
Ltd. All reincorporation STAX focus on R & Deb, production AND beats by dre Cheap corresponding electrostatic headphone amp due to Takahashi Mi Yan President in December 1998, Mr. Yang Meguro a fait lacquisition of three million yen dinvestissements dintérêt of Whole largent Takahashi M. Yan Mi, Mi Yan Takahashi Replaces As president, companyspurple studios
Are Certainly, introduction of a new system Various product are strongly identified by the market. SINCE the 2010 season, New extension name industrys key product, resulting in loss of A this year on the services market with SR009, companys dobtenir Quickly greater profitability.

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