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fake ray bans ,cheap ray bans sunglasses--The lens color choose how sunglasses

Sunglasses lens, the sun glasses were based on depth is divided into four, which in turn is 15%, 34%, 50%, 70%
15% of the shallow depth, suitable for indoor and outdoor wear, especially the eyes of a degree, can avoid take down and wear
34% of depth,Fake ray bans suitable for general use of the sun
50% of the sun glasses, can in the scorching sun and the sea with wear
70% of the sunglasses is special use, general used for welding engineering major
The depth of the lens color affect only the visible absorption, and ultraviolet ability have nothing to do. Ultraviolet ability with only lens material
Then introduce lens color it
Gray: for any chromatographic evenly absorbed, so will not appear view of off color, will only turn dark and true to the natural feeling
Sleep, belong to neuter color is.
Brown: can filter out a large blue light, can improve visual contrast and clarity,fake ray bans in air pollution (such as dust storms) or
The case wearing the effect is good.
Green: and as belong to neuter color is gray, because can increase the green light to the eyes, so a cool and comfortable,
For the eyes of the people use to fatigue.
Blue gray: and as belong to neuter color is gray, color deeper, visible absorption rate higher.
Mercury lens: lens surface use high-density coating. Can more absorption and reflection visible light, it is suitable for outdoor sports people.
Yellow: strict said, this kind of lens does not belong to sunglasses, because it almost don't reduce visible light, and it can improve the contrast
Degrees, provide more accurate video,replica ray bans so called "night vision mirror", of course, night can be used to make decoration
Shallow blue, shallow pink light colors such as: adornment sex than more practical

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