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How many of us recognize this symbol?How many of us know it's called the Fleur de Lis?Did you know that this symbol has been around for centuries?fake designer watches? It can be seen in images dating back to the 10th and 12th century.? There is dispute about the origin of the fleur de lis but one thing is for sure, it's popular.? This symbol can be seen on things from crowns to the tops of fences.? It is a very common thing to see on a families' coat of arms.? Kings used it to represent royalty.? This has been linked to religious aspects as well.? Some say that it is suppose to represent the virgin Mary.Now a days celebrities are wearing this symbol to represent themselves.? It has gotten very popular in Hollywood.? You can find the symbol on all kinds of jewelry.? Now you can find them on sunglasses as well.We have 5 different styles of Fleur de Lis sunglasses.? 3 of those styles have rhinestones.? My favorite style happens to be the least expensive ones.? They have everything you would want.? The nice sleek black frames.? A splash of color.? Even some bling.? I have included a pic so you know what I'm talking about.? What's really great about these sunglasses are that they are sturdy.? They won't fall apart as soon as you get them.? ray ban sunglasses saleI am a klutz by nature and the 2 pairs that I have take the abuse I dish out.? I drop them, sit on them, heck I've even stepped on them.? Thank goodness they have lasted.? I'm not saying they are indestructible, nothing is, I'm just saying they are good quality sunglasses for the price you pay. ?? The best part about everything is that the price you pay is not per pair.? It's per dozen.? That's right you get 12 pairs of glasses for one low price.? Make sure to check out all of our other styles as well.breitling watches If you are buying in larger quantities and want the lowest price possible by direct from us in China. If you are traveling to China we will pick you up and give you a tour of our factory. If you are wanting to make your own models or buy our existing ones you can do it either way. CTS Wholesale is dedicated to providing you with the hottest selling sunglasses styles available at the lowest prices. Give us a call today no orders to big or small. At CTS Wholesale we offer a free display box with every dozen sunglasses you purchase. These attractive display boxes are made out of very durable plastic or heavy duty paper. The grey two tone box says 'Compare To Styles' and on the front of the grey box we also include a label with the brand name that the style is compared to and a disclaimer. The black box shows our DE logo in shiny iridescent lettering and 'Designer Eyewear' below. One nice thing about our display boxes is that we do not print our business name or information anywhere on it. This helps keep your competition from finding your source.Another nice thing about having the boxes is that you can display your sunglasses without having to purchase a display rack. Manyfendi sunglasses of our customers set the display boxes on their counters or tables and put 3-4 pairs of each style in various colors on display. It is a very attractive way to display the sunglasses and customers like it as well. The customer generally feels free to try on sunglasses, and find the right style for them, when they are easily accessible. This in turn generates more sales for you. cartier watches

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