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Through the scenery without you

May window, and dye a full huai sweet, wrapped a meat clothing attacks fake oakley sunglasses, with a silk empty fan, look from the side, stroll to the air. The mood in the sunshine become soft, but how can you see, I light for the popular corner of the lip had a sad bend the picture.

I light to move Xi grass, through this road has no you scenery.

Long DiBian, warming Yang lax, the plant that once you skirt touched the grass ah, is lonely in my foot to v and on the bead warm morning dew, out of the corner of my eye along the slide down and down in the sun, reflects my crystal-like tears patches of dots. Variegated light fireworks ah, is no longer long skirt color, but from my heart overflow the sad, wet past, like yesterday in years.

Zhi the statins, LiuShao touch water, blue waves heroine, the other side of the tower as the mirage, is dreamy. I personally inscribed in the writing on tower, still clear, then see man, please don't rush to the envy is colourful, you who can think, she has gone away, away from LaoYan if. This is a kind of god punishing crimes?

The small sit ShiYi, lichen throughout, old mottled shadow, it also remains with you in the outline of lean on me, you left, love in the right, to listen to the wind whispers of flowers. And now, I can only love them pick up, put them in the time of the hourglass, a second to calculation, the next time.

Early summer of wind, clean and transparent, from the cost gap between to saint over, be like not see them blank appearance. In the shadow of the tree of the season with green, and who, like this gaunt lolita, unexpectedly such as washing the vicissitudes of the white? In addition to pagoda, who else, was born as snow, if after the death of frost.

The pagoda fall along the surge path, all the way to do, walk back to those who have not you imply the cold nights, shallow embedding snow sad, and how can I hide in the mud of the concern, QiaoRan, sizes. Not your winter, still can take a may look forward to the spring purples, not your summer replica oakley sunglasses, don't know to use what to hide my thoughts of the boom?

The end of the path, the shadows of the red brick wall surface LiuLi, how is engraved with memory, those from every crack out of aimless sad, in my right to the tips of your fingers spread, eyes on the ice, cold heaven. I only have desperately supinely begin, fly as high as it eyes, hoping to be able to see you. I hope you can see, I'm down and out, chuang was very great, helpless, leaving the world, face.

Such expressions, such a mood, really go the scenery. Even the only Pian dance yellow butterfly, also the wall with a sigh, in the wings with the broken all pointed to read. What more are the main I, have to dance with you of I, how can you get a discount of broken wing feathers lick injury time.

Have no you of day, I carry with a broken soul wandering around, have been to many places, meeting a lot of scenery, but no one place can put. The landscape, not even a grain of dust had had you to trace. How can you experience, I in what position, what kind of persistent, pious Pu walk on the way to the sea, a step toward the life to knock meet.

We said ok, one thousand years later, go to the sea, look at the willows in. I put my oath clip into writing, and speak for everyone to listen to, I hope one day, you in a certain sunlight clear afternoon, hear someone outside the window read up this sentence for you and write poem, written in ink sorrow.

Once the grass into, the low dust, smell you find the footprint; I have to the wisp wind, make the queen, touch your going. I have to spend the disc, crack in the way, hoping someone to take me to see the sea. Now, I want to into the plant liu, and keep the piece make people love of the sea, waiting for you on the wave wave to split.

I light to move Xi grass, after the end of the road without your scenery.

May the huai, perfume is full window, grain garment rags such as thought, silk fan blank if read, cut the eyes of continuously and led the cloud, slowly passing you can't have them. All this reolica  oakeys, you, did you ever see?

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