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Students should wear framed glasses

Summer vacation to. Myopia students will probably use the holidays to carry out visual inspection, correction, hospitals, optical shops also began to get busy. A variety of methods of correction of myopia, contact lenses by many primary and secondary school students of all ages. However, from the long-term fake ray bans eye point of view to consider the proposed primary school students to wear glasses still choose glasses. The reason is as follows: First, despite the contact lens after nearly a century of development has been more in line with the ocular physiological requirements, but it is after all a foreign body placed in the cornea. With each blink, the incidence of spectacle lenses move allows those wearing glasses foreign body friction sensitivity, eye dryness and tearing and eye congestion and other long-term wear contact lenses Big head can cause conjunctivitis.Primary and secondary school students are often excessive use of the eyes, and prone to visual fatigue, conjunctivitis and visual fatigue will promote each other and aggravate the symptoms, and severe cases may also affect the visual quality and learning efficiency. Secondly, oxygen is the most important in a variety of nutrients needed by the cornea. Corneal oxygen in normal circumstances, most of them from the air. Lens covering the corneal surface to affect the breathing of the cornea, especially wearing glasses overnight more likely to cause corneal hypoxia. wholesale ray bans long-term hypoxic corneal edema, surface roughness, the edge of the vascular dilatation and congestion, severe corneal ulcer. Some statistics, long-term wear contact lenses sooner or later, or light or heavy, or of more than 10 types of corneal complications. Some even stopped wearing is still not back to normal. In addition, from experience, the contact lenses with a wear take care, maintenance, has a set of strict and cumbersome procedures. Primary and secondary school students are often self-protection to the weak consciousness and poor self-care ability, daily time constraints, it is difficult to do the eyes and lens cleaning, care in accordance with standard operating procedures. Coupled with the lack of long-term sleep, overloaded every day with the eyes, often delay wearing glasses, etc., can cause the cornea decreased local resistance, when late at night, a cold or suffered eye superficial trauma, can easily cause the cornea and conjunctiva infection, there will be severe corneal ulcers, perforation, and blindness, occur in the young people of this painful examples too numerous to mention. Note 1 contact lens wearers 6:00. Must be fitting to the hospital for detailed examination of the eye whether there are eye diseases, whether indications for wearing glasses. Two. Contact lenses is not a simple commodity, with contact lenses in a foreign country is a complex process of medical services, experience with the complications caused by bad sometimes in the eye loss at the expense of Glasses is the best choice for quality and good reputation, the higher the oxygen permeability of the lens. 3. Attention to personal hygiene and eye health. Not at liberty to rub eyes. Daily wearing glasses should not be too long, preferably not more than 8 to 10 hours. 4. A day in strict accordance with the requirements of lens cleaning, disinfection and conservation. Also note that the disinfecting solution is within the validity period. The lens box also need to be disinfected regularly and timely replacement of lenses or damaged lens and maturity. 5 Suspended ocular hyperemia, tearing when wearing glasses; suffering from conjunctivitis, keratitis, dacryocystitis, and hordeolum prohibit wearing glasses; after staying up late or fever cold best to not wearing glasses; when swimming, bathing, outdoor sand should also take off the lens is large. 6. Wearing glasses during regularly to the hospital review; cheap ray bans symptoms in a timely manner to the hospital. Related links: high myopia, high hyperopia, two anisometropia or keratoconus patients wearing contact lenses is the best choice. But the best care and help of the parents wear.

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