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Spring Festival karen millen Baby I am Master Jay

Spring Festival karen millen Baby I am Master Jay


Spring Festival Baby: I am Master Jay


literacy karen millen 3 years old 4 years old will be able to read thousands of literacy newspaper skip directly to primary school and grade 2.

5-year-old karen millen diary written thousands of articles have been 6 years old to put all the finished primary school curriculum.

Pi table one can back more than a thousand.

Brokers said the baby love to read fiction and the novel is the story fascinated thousands of words of fiction from far and wide the gap will stop and read 400 pages of "Wolf Totem", "Tibetan mastiff."

Each of the "Youth Digest", "Story" are must-see story also recommended to see the nice people around.

So when the baby adult conversation often surprises people to say some very philosophical tone, then the adults.

Reporters asked recently to see what the baby actually looking at his military novel "Wolves" asked he said he can understand you have seen can read "down" the.

As the baby has been ahead of the primary school curriculum is currently completing his father hired a tutor to his son educated class and talent weekly lessons to learn two courses karen millen dresses on cultural studies, in addition to two days the contents of the talent class three hours a day practicing hip-hop baby also

to learn piano, guitar and other musical skills improve.

Baby products carry 1 shoulder bag out of the house Bibei shoulders each bag packet cheap lv bags bigger than his head.

2.PSP will bring basic goods to be used with a more than 2 to play a music game.

3 baby guitar autographed guitar idol Jay Chou Bibei go out every where on the paragraphs in which bombs.

4. Turban every time I saw the baby's head will be wrapped in a scarf to show their cool look.

5 black sunglasses regardless of the snow out of storm clouds will be wearing a black oversized sunglasses like a cool show their love for HIP-POP baby also specializes in difficult RAP music rap music have a strong sense of rhythm with the music can be perfectly controlled rhythm of body

stand up, turn the continuity of agile techniques to a level of seamless operation with some difficult tricks professional dancers are strange enough.

Brokers said the baby's hip-hop louis vitton purse technique is very powerful concert in the background baby Jay and Jay will explore a street dance moves such as head rotation, upside down.

Some karen millen dresses skills can be considered the action baby outlet karen millen Jay reporter asked him a small loui vuitton purses teacher will usually teach you to dance you baby brother Jay is no humility in accepting the "Sometimes I would suddenly hear the music they want to jump out of an action to him.

"In the field of guitar playing the piano baby Jay is definitely lv bags a good teacher every time Jay is always in concert backstage assignments, etc. for the baby when the next concert will be performing hand in papers to him.

Jay often, "Nan Quan Mama" in front of the louis vuitton handbags baby, for example admonition disciples, "You see he has so little louis vitton purse to work so hard growing up so smart some of my 8-year-old may not know when doing it" because together

a long time baby just became a little Jay louis vuitton bags "Oh oh good" baby on the phone with Jay said he learned the mantra that almost exactly the same tone Jay reporter asked him his brother have a girlfriend ah he wisely replied, "

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