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Rivera York Black Jersey,"Is alas
Hence a person alone arrive at veranda up well ventilated.
"Is alas!This kind of social intercourse situation is still really unsuitable for my this kind of villagers!All don't know that today comes why!"The sky of the Chen profoundly sighed an one breath.
Just at depressed of time, he suddenly smelt a burst of and light subtle fragrance.This kind of flavor, totally different with the very thick perfume flavor of inside those lady Human bodies, this is a kind of very natural flavor Hoffman Brewers Grey Jersey, be like flower!
The sky of the Chen twists overdo, see a young girl that is dressed in a white dress long skirt standing on the another part of veranda.Under moonlight, that young girl looks so clean and pure, be like a beauty of liliaceous.
There is also so pure beauty in Europe?The side face that foolishly looking at that young girl in the sky of the Chen.The girl of Europe should is like tulip in his impression similar and beautiful, but at present this young girl face is that so comeliness and calms down the qualities of Yi to make him think of the daughter of middle-class family of China Chiang-Nan.
That young girl also felt at this time Chen for sky of vision, she became overdo to see Chen of one eye in the sky, leave a very shallow smile, then turn round to leave.
The sky of the Chen again short circuit in ……
Don't realize mistake how long, dinner start, thoughts and feelings of Chen sky just accepted back from deep place in the cosmos.When he re- walks into party hall, the emperor is introducing the guest from Austria for everyone.
"Today, I am honored the ground introduces to come from Austria toward everyone of highly respectable guest ―― Austrian king's Joseph's his majesty!"
The technique that"Hua ……" nobilities applause is very well-trained.
"Flank this is Carl's·The Fu Lang west Si·Joseph's archduke, Joseph Rollie Fingers Jersey, Austria inherits a person!"
"Hua ……"
"This is the Lin to reach a princess, the niece of Joseph's king!"
"Hua ……"
Is her?Isn't she that small fairy maiden just?Originally she is the princess of Austria!Doing not know can ask her to want telephone number, E ……seem to be still to have no telephone now!How does that know her?
The sky of the Chen just while hesitating, the dinner formally starts.The hall in the center also started someone dancing at this time!
"To, ask her to dance Denard Span 50th Season Patch Jersey!Then can know!"The sky of the Chen gets up for oneself thoughting of so good idea but happy.
"Ah!There is a smelly old man inviting small fairy maiden to dance Jerseys Shop On Sale!Is damned!"
The position that is carrying food and just sitting toward the small fairy maiden in the sky of the Chen moves to pass by.
"Hum Rivera York Black Jersey, must hold tight the opportunity of next dance!"
One song dance, the small fairy maiden returns to just of position up.The plate of Chen hurry handle knob in the sky puts in the table of behind, time just walks over toward her, another dance music rings out, a man whom Gao Gao Shou loses and then invite her to dance.
The "E …… this guy is incredibly ……" Chen sky indignantly stares at that man, "boy Tom Seaver Jerseys, you are malicious!"
The sky of the Chen decides this times and then stands the etc. is by the side of the position of the small fairy maiden and waited the next dance music to invite her to dance in the beginning.
The sky of the Chen feels oneself
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