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Put off the glasses of the world

wholesale ray bans the world is so colorful.
Calm green lake, Lian Lian glass-like waves. Rain the lake is also filled with layers of misty clouds, creating a mythical fantasy; next night the lake is dragging a setting sun is shining tired afterglow.
Colorful garden in full bloom with the spring like bright. The flowers of the garden to attract many bees collected on a sweet, mellow honey, has also attracted a lot of butterflies collected on the pollen of one end of incense, the simultaneous arrival of spring like bright an lively.
The lush forests, the impact of moving a dark green soft. Body in the forest, looking upward, waiting to see the leaves a gap which revealed a fantastic water chestnut, shining light projected from a small water chestnut.
The vagaries of the sky. Sometimes blue skies, won people never catch less than marginal; sometimes dark clouds, thick people in a perpetual release of repression can not cramped. However, the most beautiful have a number after the rain the evening sky before rain accumulated in the clouds after the rain stopped sunset cut to pieces, every dark clouds reflect the bright orange printed sunset.
cheap ray bans sometimes blossoming black and red floating Xia accidentally assembled into the stone stairs as if cut by a section of marble, rich layering a bit touching. Every time I see this scene regarded as the ladder of God.
Golden desert, the sea of
​​blue, orange-red of the maple leaf forest, bright neon lights. .....
But when I took off the glasses of more than 500 degrees when the world has become so Xumiao.
Each time to watch some of the lakes and mountains, I am unwilling refracted into the shadow of his glasses through this fast-concave lens to see there. So, I tried to take off a pair of glasses resting on the bridge of the nose, but in return only the front of a dim picture. I Minjin hard eyelids, and then slightly open a crack, so that the light launched into my eye more focused. I have been given but it is clear that little bit green. However, I am very pleased to be able to see this truth.
In many cases, did not wear
fake ray bans glasses to see the urban night is to make you confused. See the colorful neon lights, like the general look at the kaleidoscope, the same thing can occur numerous diamond and numerous flowers of the plum-like shape. But not the lack of its beauty. This pair of naked myopia see the seeds of roadside street lights, such as a red-orange dandelion, scattered red and orange lamp is to be released into the atmosphere. Naked pairs of myopia to see a light-emitting building and crossed the bridge on both sides will be seen as bundles of fluffy cotton. Went to the city's highest point with this pair of naked eye overview of the city's night scene, like a pot of numerous printed rainbow bubble. My world is always plum, surrounded by cotton, dandelion, bubbles, hexagonal star embellishment.
When not wearing glasses go ignored in the treatment of certain things can be described. Ignore the proud face of good to think that power high toil ocean; ignore those eyes full of envy, charm, greed; ignore those opportunistic trick; to ignore the dark forces of the so-called intimidation; to ignore all the fetters that have prevented their own.Concentrate diligently, the sense of achievement linger in the minds of the dream. Do his own thing, whatever others may say!
I do not feel due to take off the glasses Xumiao confusion of life, but to find the fun in a calm attitude and look for a firm confidence in their own goals, but also the aspect of life of haughty attitude.

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