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Miss that fault

Also remember, there was a person, make you cry cheap new era , make you laugh, make you have later...... And lost.

Seems to each of us will meet such a person, to repeat meant to end.

Your memory, have the person? Is he or she? Experienced? Pain? Pain, after what?

When pain and pleasure coexist, we always complain, why happy so short. In fact we both know, just because there are pain, to let the joy is so precious.

Yes, memory the make you laugh, so, want to go to cherish, more pain than to let go of the short laugh, and always thought, the price of smile, was tears, even cry to heart, or will be looking forward to it.

Truth, who all understand, philosophy, who will, but, when you don't want to happen came down, no more words in heart that little impetuously sadness, as if the stone fall into heart lake, although small, couldn't stop wave of scattered ripples.

Tears, silent falling, wipe, and chung, that was the last time of pay, pay the price in return is pain.

Not forget to the time, initially, little memory, even laugh, also became the source of the pain, the less may memories, the more can be in casual emerge, then, is to escape, escape from the past and himself, it was a failure and a union, only escape can better, and then let go, and that is the way of the necessary to mature, knowing that no man is by nature a rational, mature, is built on after the naive, thank the people, the life in this lesson, you've learned how to, finally, smiling, people come, celibacy, to when, also is, away, just to belong to own wonderful.

A girl said, the careful management that will ultimately miss regret, but always can't find out whether miss who's fault is.

Perhaps, we are not wrong, maybe, we were wrong, think impassability, put all the blame on to god, we will not go to think that god has given us the chance to choose, you choose regret, after letting go tell yourself, no regrets life is the biggest regret.

Everyone don't want life have regret, but everyone has a regret, no matter why HeGuo. Maybe, for this, we all put the pity as a kind of beauty, like the rainbow after the rain, the distant and, only different is, is so beautiful, will not disappear.

Many times, if you want to forget things, people will remember, casual, casual mention, once the comet called the seeds of love, in our hearts hair buds, and bare root, but at this time of sense of shaking, although just slightly once.

Kind of action of the root, the thought of person as a day retreat, even if the world are against it, and you never leave, results, not only lost everything, more lost his sky.

The last you find finally, the earth will not for anyone and stop, the time will not for anyone and back flow back, your world is not that person, that person is not your world oakley sunglasses wholesale, could not return to the past, the more not because lose and give up and stopped to my own heart beat.

To face the most familiar stranger, are all new, have the taste of miss.

Is the wrong time meet the right person, or the time to meet the wrong people, each other there is a tacit understanding, not known, short have, don't pursue who is at fault, no end, admitted that a inevitable missed.

So, we missed that beautiful but unfortunately fault.

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