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I want to say to you

Mother: to seventy throughout the thin, your age, take good care of his body, this food to eat, this drink drink, don't think about it too much. This summer have time to also want to take you out to see, you don't consider spending the money. Remember the last time to take you to the grand canyon oakley sunglasses, yishui, began to you or laughing, is very happy, but to buy a ticket, because you forgot to take id card, not free, you suddenly not happy, emotional obviously low down, you say that ninety-eight is too expensive, must buy many pancakes ah. You say you're leaving charged me, how can I forget to take? A full face of pathetic. I say to you, all right, let's come out to play is a happy figure, not ninety-eight? Let's take id card out next time will do. But the next expedition in play, and it seems you see are not pleasing to the eye, it seems this place no fun. Wait until we walk out, you still QiHengHeng, what break place, and ninety-eight? Eight dollars I look bad. Mama ah, how do you like children? Let's very not easy out a trip, you let go play well, why old angry? Rest assured, this summer we go out to play, I will help you take id card, okay?
Daughter-in-law: middle-aged trivia, daughter-in-law ah, hard you. This time, let's all things TeDuo, you work so hard, sometimes even burn the housework, shuttle children, I really feel sorry. I and you said, this time you take a rest, I how hard a bit, let's try to put the child ministered unto good, do a good job. In the holiday, I take you out to a small travel for you to enjoy and relax for a few days. The weather slowly getting better, sunny, make people happy, like let's now more and more comfortable happy life. Astimegoesby unnoticeably, before you know it we'll in middle age, this is in the life most important moment, shoulder responsibility weigh a lot, you show filial obedience to the old man, to take care of the children to manage my occasional, daughter-in-law ah, you must be very busy very tired, I will, as always, to help you, support you, and bless you, sincerely hope that you can be in the trivial life, and to keep the beauty is ecru, continue to carry forward the fine tradition of simple kind, in the singing and young, beautiful forever!
Son: one to six years old is young, son, you really try to make a good showing. Unconsciously, you six years old, will soon go to regular school, daddy, happy heart. Know, dad has always been proud of you. You of a child is really sensible, not love cry, do not love make, two or three years old, to give you a toy, you can play for an hour. Do you like singing, often in uncle aunt for my glory before honor oakley sunglasses wholesale, your one song "a person's lonely" had become your class song, with your teacher forward-looking vision for, in the future you will become a very good people. I just know what is called great minds think alike, though, she's not a hero. Slowly, you grew up, and began to help father mother with the housework. Remember that you knocked over the milk, quickly to the balcony embrace to mop, a little seriously sweep the floor in the house? A few days ago you do father to wash the dishes, his pack his own toys. You are about to dad, later you also want to learn the guitar, let's YeLia a person a guitar, in summer vacation go out to play times good use the motherland, the body if have no money, we stand on the side, place on a broken straw hat, one song, that money is not hua hua of filled with straw hat? And let's be the remnants of photographed DV carelessly, in which one web site, let's YeLia fire, later will no longer want to what the door heresy the way of existence, a guitar, a song, it can be a little guilty to celebrate the time. But oh, son, your ideal is very good, now you have to pay attention to your identity of change, in a few months, you enter into elementary school, you're pupil, is no longer a great life, you can always keep their poise, don't again for trivial things will snivel. Know, girls like the most brave boys, the most despise the cowardly poor love snivelling small boys. Though you look handsome, jade tree face breeze, but we also want to consider the future marriage, from now to start, be a brave and honest, lively and sunshine big boy, enjoy the happiness of the growing freedom!
Sister: people knew to 50. I am very happy, a few painful I love my sister. Play the ego as you give me weave of happiness in the circle of life, and many times, my body is in imagines f, life of hard seems to let I didn't feel a lot of special treatment, and in fact, in that life situation, I still feel the thick chens deep feeling. The za dad za mom age, the home of a lot of things are you to help finish. We a few smaller school, home building a house, and many many couldn't say things, you all pay too much too much. Years to you face a lot of trace inscribed, your certain wrinkles, must have potential to my care and love. Years passed, imperceptible the smallest I have got married, you also have people had BanBai, do the sincerely hope that you can brother especially happy happiness cheerfully enjoy healthy future sweet life, the elder sister ah, take good care of yourself well, later still have many, many happy waiting to let's enjoy it, see your children, all have children, you will open happy heart do grandpa's grandmother it, ha ha!
Friend: when people to difficult to friends. The world the best of things, and there are several mind and heart way is very honest good friend, one hand, always meet such and such setbacks, when the disaster came, when sorrow raids, we can feel that a thick loneliness and cold, and everyone is eager to someone stand up, pull yourself a, even if they don't do anything, just came and stood silently behind us, we can feel a kind of power. Therefore, I often think of the wind of the evening in side quiet devotion friends. You are in my life the most precious wealth, are in my life the most precious treasures. The family is can't escape, friendship is the choice, so once choice and you as friend foakleys, I will serve to you to think, will be willing to do what I can do for you troubleshoot, I think, this is not a kind of responsibility, is also a kind of self value proof. I want to prove I choose you do friends in my life is most proud of things! So, the friend

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