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Friends to bless the short message

When you boot in the morning, to see your blessings, the hearts of roses, a day to bring you good luck.

Miss you like a curl of smoke hanging by a thread, for your blessings like a babbling brook accompany for life.

Every day without you, I will be more to cherish; days of no money replica gucci belts, you have to take care of yourself; days without love, you and I together!

Figure out a myriad of thoughts, hope not mandrel Lake Ripples, see through right close tie him down, countless moonlit replacement, homes not Qingshenyuanqian, fit endless miss.

Friends do not have a lot of intimate fine; care do not have a lot of emotion like; do not want to say too much, just to let you know: good to know you!

Friend is not necessarily reasonable, but the intimate know that; not necessarily inseparable, but cherishing; not necessarily the icing on the cake, but it must provide a temporary relief; not necessarily contact often, but be sure to hang that in mind!

Friends forget the happy people go to when the bitter, you defeated Mai city not seeing you the other people, your promotion is still the same people you call!

Friends are always of one mind, intimate friends Zhiqian Jin, under the lights SiXian friends, a small SMS heralds of glad tidings, Vayo see news like to see people always do not forget a friend's heart.

Difficult gifts to thousands of miles, Clockwork SMS bless you, health and beauty often accompanied by you, the God of Wealth master took a fancy to you, money billion to follow you, a friend always bless you.

Dawn of early morning, happy fall to you; high noon sun, a smile in your heart; in the evening sun, the joy with you all day.

The vast night cheap gucci belts, according to four weeks, the horizon of a new moon. The past seems like a dream, a dream where demand. Separated thousands of miles a lengthy road, the moon, on behalf of greetings.

Stars into my eyes, look after you all night; breeze into my laugh, soothe your restless heart; all good things into my blessing, always with you ...

Give you a warm, give you a warm, star give you a romantic, refreshing wind to rain to moisture, snow give you the perfect cream to give you crystal clear, I give you blessings!

Their youthful appearances, youth run, life friend too little! Father sky, mother of grace difficult newspaper, the infatuated lover hard to find! Blood waves aspirations Peak, the experience of life laughing! Forget the pain, the scars will be a rare understanding of the very kind of you!

My blessing you can, please do not get bored; If possible, always remembered to take care of your I; If you prefer, please let me share your emotions!

If a drop of water on behalf of a blessing, I send you one the East China Sea; star represents a measure of happiness, I will give you a Galaxy; if a tree on behalf of a miss, I will give you a forest.

The ring is my greetings, singing is my blessing, snow is my greeting cards, wine is my kiss, the wind is my embrace, happy is my gift.

Spring, such as a strings, days and nights playing the folk songs of the home, with my greetings fly out of the valley, inflow Jianghai, looking for your trace.

The mountain pine foot of the mountain, flower laugh pine as she strokes day frost down, I saw the pine but not spent. May the Friends of the study of pine Chi, I wish you the future than the MEI.

God said, the so-called Happiness is a grateful heart, a healthy body, a desirable job, a love of your lover, a trusted friend to help, when you receive this message, all subsequent owners!

Phone open smiling; phone rang Huangjinwanliang; SMS to a lifetime of good report; SMS read a good thing every day around you around.

Miss the season's flowers, swept over the valley Fake Hermes Belts, enveloped you and me, and blessed is the endless attention to overflow the eyes until the bottom of my heart, willing to happy with your life.

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