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Far away the blessings of

See you finally went into their marriage, I can only to such words to write down my blessing.
I have love, my first love, I have passionate people-happiness.
I never thought I could such release however, such that no CARES, such outwardly calmly, this no longer love dearly. Maybe I would have is false of the right, once part replica oakley sunglasses, I think that I will never fall in love with others, but time proved me wrong. As I once curse you never find their own happiness.
All in all the time before to appear vicissitudes of life, the flower withered next year will open again, leaves are falling next year will also grow out of new bud, the sun rose and set, everything on the rebirth, have no what can long endure.
Looking at the ZhangXianGong marriage certificate, I was finally able to had a smile, perhaps who also don't know, the smile once full of tears behind how much and how many sleepless nights. When your he telephoned me, when I think you can find more than I love you of person, I desperate, cruel will deeply into his fingers on the wrist, with approximately callous tone say: good, I make you.
This cold and cruel is actually to oneself character, and you hear this sentence should be happy is crazy!
But as time passes by, at this moment, but I really sincere wish you happiness, sincerely wish you happy happy. Let our ever become my a memory it.
The stars still bright, five years ago this time it is I pursue you? At that time, we sit on the lawn, quiet looking at the sky, looking at the stars are shining brightly, the genial wind blows over your face, have the hair of filar silk sweet, I was deeply drunk in such a breath.
Often, I for one of your phone and glad unceasingly; Often, I for one of your message and saying nothing. I racked my brains to weekend what to do, I'll want to all kinds of close to your reasons.
Remember? Know you is in the big one. The expected, you sit quietly, all from you were good sisters began, no she ask me questions, we did not meet bosom friend later.
You know has always been my hard, when love you become one of my habit, let I cannot extricate oneself, but you hurt me again. But I was still remain as, let his scarred.
You first to a man in front of me cry, I will be the first time in your arms, I fumble comfort you, you like listening to not to hear as cry. I had the second, third, and then you finally broke up.
In I think my opportunity comes, you were once again into the other people's arms. During this time, I continue to play such a role, you sad, here in my cry, don't you happy, I help you for fun. Take you sing, take you eat to put, take you to go shopping, then I really too simple, sometimes naive. Knowing you like a fool, but can't refuse.
How many night I couldn't sleep oakley sunglasses, I often think of you.
In order to you, I also like to play with childish see repeatedly, play FeiHangQi; In order to you, I also ignorant to sing K, to clean out treasure; In order to you, I also crazy learn how to sing, to imitate; In order to you, I also like to see the weak-minded they, like the Korean dramas. This is then, completely lost self. This for your lost, is pain and happy.
After graduation, I help you find work, I prepared for you all. When we finally together, I really happy. However this is doomed from the beginning to the separation of marriage has made me happy.
This is kind of out of sheer touched of love, not for a long time. From the start to the end.
I once stubborn thought, love is developed, and then finally I was wrong. Love is the foundation of the emotion I wish, if one party changed heart, or a party does not really, can't forced.
So in the end we have no together.
Now, you finally got his own home, and I have love deeply of the person, I can only say, wish you happiness.
Your wedding, I am not fit to participate in, let me not in this chapter words to a token of hearts it.
What if one day you see this text, I believe you also with me as insignificant. I believe that you will also believe that it is out of my hearts. We all the young age of frivolous, this has its own a home, although I have not found, but this piece of mind I think you must be able to experience.

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