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Deciduous profusion

You said to me, never leave me, from now on will not let me alone. Wrapped tight clothes, also can't help heart of trembling, so lose you? Is you catch me not enough tight replica oakley sunglasses, or I did not cherish you deeply worried desire? From birth to death is a natural law? Drop down is the call of the last autumn to? The sad emotion behind, and pretended to be fearless, plain, is no way to go down? Or pretend brave, let his relentlessness into the earth of note, planting a period of wing parting?

You open your heart to me, you are my heaviest bags. From now on whether ups and downs, and I will put you good treasure. You put your dream to me, from now on whenever and wherever you are, you will always be my constant care. I buried in words, guilty of suffering, lets hope and despair together, cold and warm together, dark and light together in my life spread out, to cover the loss of my dreams, but also the pious, quietly buried a new hope that the new dream. The mood layer upon layer falls off, the desire of the boom is swaying, heartache and joy and there exists a long road. The fallen leaves can also the same profusion, the same beautiful? I smile, tears fall down.

Profusion of fallen leaves, telling the replacement of season. I saw a dream and disappointed in photograph reflect, the heart is like are torn a long cut, pain to bleeding, nature of such as quiet contain wonderful mind fall down. Before death leaves in showing a singularity, the SuanSe out of the corner of my eye. The sunlight spreads, the fallen leaves profusion, the sky is not empty now; The sunlight spreads, the fallen leaves profusion, the earth will not cold; The sunlight spreads, the fallen leaves profusion, season will not drab. The sunlight spreads, the fallen leaves colorful feeling, who see the leaves of touching? And who saw the fallen leaves sadness? The wind, messy bearing the sunshine, bear tears streaming down rustling. Season the silent over the day, colorful leaf falls on my palm, I use my feeling gently hold, the original fall in love with a person, also is fall in love with a person lonely.

In the season of profusion of the fallen leaves, I want to pack all of my tears, because have you for my collection. In the season of profusion of the fallen leaves, love was like open to about half the faded flowers, standing there with blood drops. Life is abruptly pull away, I know that season, I can't escape. Looked down at his, looked at by the traces of season, but can not letting go without the leaves of profusion single. Across the wind, falling is the foliage and broke into a land of sunshine leaves brilliant, I know is season, I can't escape. Hands together and see the fallen leaves in the wind had spread to dance, deciduous profusion, are not for the next quarter with bitter fleabane bitter fleabane. The season of profusion of fallen leaves in the fallen leaves profusion, this life I watching for you.

The season of profusion of fallen leaves, ask tomorrow night and day always in alternate there. The season of profusion of fallen leaves, ask tomorrow is there reason, night and day won't precipitation. For an instant, I heard the inclusion leaves in the wind of the cry of the deep, like a piece of very sorrow elegy. Dancing is a state of mind, elegant is memory, the season of the wind, the wind is a broken heart of self-destruction. Count the window leaves profusion, tell yourself, of the dust float in the sky just on the road. Give yourself a place  wholesale oakley sunglasses, no at dusk and early in the morning, to give yourself a place, no love and hate, a sigh is a kind of return.

A falling leaf, desolate with wind, but don't know that they will come to where, the fallen leaves is a kind of death, is also a kind of hope. Leaf, soluble in dust is a home to return to, the people come and go, making it the origin of life fate poverty. The end of life lies not in the fall, but that once has held to the warmth of sunshine, I want the every moment stretched, and hold. "In the autumn wind rustling leaves, only my defense. Stay to dusty alone on the flower, I be the yet qingyun". Tender fingers touched the lonesome cheek, and leaves not heartless content, into more protect flower organized by dewan perhimpunan tiong hua terengganu.

The fallen leaves profusion, a new life inoculation will begin.

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